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Participation Requirements for Cat C Clay Target Shooters

Release date: Wed 9 December 2015

Last updated: Fri 18 May 2018

Persons issued with a Category C Firearm Licence for the reason of clay target shooting must participate in a minimum of four clay target competitions each calendar year.

This special condition is legislated under Schedule 2 (item 2 (2)(b) of the Firearms Act 1996 and appears on the licence carrier issued to all Category C firearm licence holders issued a licence with the reason of clay target shooting.

Competitions must be conducted by a clay target shooting club or organisation.

This condition is not applicable to a licence holder who possess a Category C firearm on behalf of a junior licence holder for the purpose of clay target shooting.

At renewal these licence holders are to provide evidence that they have taken part in at least four clay target shooting competitions conducted by Clay Target Shooting Clubs or Organisations in each calendar year since the applicant's last renewal. The evidence must be in the form of Club or Organisation participation records.

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