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Release date: Tue 22 August 2017

Last updated: Wed 23 August 2017

Crime Stoppers Victoria works with research organisations, the Victorian Government, the Federal Government and Victoria Police, in developing and delivering crime detection campaigns, as well as prevention and education programs, to combat current crime trends and tackle new emerging crimes.

Bushfire Arson

(Runs during fire season)                                      

CSV's Bushfire & Arson Awareness Campaign raises awareness of the large scale danger and devastation that recklessly and deliberately lit fires can cause and to make sure Victorian communities are vigilant.

We provide the community with a confidential reporting hot line if they have information about someone they believe may be involved in arson activities.



This campaign was launched and released in 2012 to target the rising acts of violence in young males. (See video link for "Jimmy" video).                                                                                                                                                                                             



This campaign was launched and released in 2013 featuring a young female victim of sexual assault and encourages victims to call 000, while reinforcing the need for people to report what they know to Crime Stoppers in a confidential way. (See link for "Rachel" video).



Hoon Driving

The 'Hoon Hotline' was established in 2008 to assist Victoria Police in lowering the road toll and to prosecute those in our society that blatantly breach road safety legislation.

Crime Stoppers wants to hear from those that witness or are aware of 'hoon' type offending, these types of offences can be categorised as:

Level one offences (which are the more serious) are:

- Repeat drink driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 or more

- Rrepeat drug driving

- Repeat driving while disqualified or unlicensed

- Speeding at 70 km or more above the speed limit

- Driving at 170 km/hour in a 110 km/hour zone

- Driving negligently or dangerously while being chased by the police.

Note: The 'repeat' offences are only hoon driving offences if they happened after 30 June 2011.

Level two offences include:

- Any drink driving offence where BAC is 0.10 or more (including first offence)

- Deliberately causing the vehicle to skid, smoke or make excessive noise

- Deliberately driving across tracks when a train or tram is coming

- Dangerous driving

- Disobeying a police direction to stop

- Having too many people in your vehicle

- Driving in or organising a speed race

- Speeding at between 45 and 70 km over the speed limit

- Speeding at between 145 and up to 170 km/hour in a 110 km/hour zone.

It should be noted though that if you are witnessing this as it is happening, you should call Triple Zero (000) for immediate police notification.



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