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About emergency assistance - Triple Zero (000)

Release date: Thu 21 June 2007

Last updated: Tue 16 February 2016

What happens when I call Triple Zero (000)?

  1. Your call is connected to the Emergency Call Service (ECS).
  2. ECS will answer - 'Emergency - police, fire or ambulance?' (if the caller is on a mobile telephone they will be asked for the city and state they are in).
  3. Respond with the service/location you require.
  4. Your call will then be connected to the emergency service you require.

What happens when I am connected to Victoria Police?

  1. The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) call taker will ask:
  • Where is your emergency?
  • What has happened?
  • When did this happen?

      2.   Calmly answer all the questions asked by the ESTA call taker.
      3.   Police will then be dispatched to assist with the emergency.

What if I need police, fire and ambulance together?

When your call is answered by the ECS, request the service which is most urgently needed in terms of threat to life. That service will organise for other emergency services to attend, if needed.

What if I am deaf or hard of hearing?

You can contact Triple Zero (000) via the National Relay Service or use TTY, SMS, Captioned or Internet Relay- for more information head to National Relay Service

When do I call Triple Zero (000) for police?

Only in an emergency where police are needed.

For example:

  • any suspected offence in progress, being witnessed or just committed
  • any situation where life or injury is threatened
  • motor vehicle accident where persons are injured
  • air, rail or water accident
  • any event which might cause danger to persons or property
  • explosion or bomb incident/threat
  • a disturbance or breach of the peace, for example domestic violence incident or anti-social behaviour.

When shouldn't I call Triple Zero (000) for police?

When it is not an emergency.

For example:

  • asking a question or advice
  • reporting something which has happened in the past
  • wanting to speak with a particular police member or to be connected to a police station
  • making a complaint
  • wanting a non-police related service. Police cannot connect to other non-emergency services (for example, taxis)
  • where the assistance of the State Emergency Service, local council or other government or non-government service is needed
  • annoying telephone calls.

How do I contact police for non-emergency matters?

  • Ring your local police station.
    - OR -
  • For specialist inquiries, refer to the Victoria Police entry in the White Pages ® Directory.
  • If you need help in a windstorm, tree fall, hailstorm, flood or similar, telephone the Victoria State Emergency Service on 132 500.

How do I contact police for traffic emergencies?

  • for any traffic emergencies call Triple Zero (000).

For example:

  • persons trapped or injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident
  • trucks overturned or involved in a serious collision
  • level crossing train collisions etc.

How do I contact police for non-emergency traffic incidents?

For non-emergency traffic incidents, such as non-dangerous parking complaints and minor non-injury collisions where both parties are present and have exchanged the necessary details, call your local police station.

Local police station numbers can be found by searching in the 'Your Local Police' section link on the right side of this page. Police station numbers are listed in the White Pages ® Directory - Business and Government and you can also find your local police station's telephone number by calling the 12455 directory assistance number.

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