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Release date: Sat 1 July 2017

Last updated: Thu 27 July 2017

Service fees and penalties

Listings of Victoria Police fees and fines which contribute to the Victorian Government's consolidated revenue.

Accounts Payable

Information for suppliers on Victoria Police's invoicing and payment processes.

Our Services

Victoria Police provides a number of services to the public.

Accident Records

Victoria Police provides a service to individuals and organisations wishing to obtain information about vehicle accidents that occurred in Victoria and were reported to Victoria Police.

Agency Photographs

The Victoria Police Act 2013 allows authorised media organisations to apply to Victoria Police for the release of agency photographs or 'mugshots' of convicted offenders.

Airlie Leadership Development Centre (ALDC)

ALDC develops leadership programs and offers conference facilities that provide high quality, flexible and cost effective catering and other services to clients both internal and external to Victoria Police.

Crime Reports (Insurance)

Victoria Police provides a service to individuals and organisations wishing to obtain information about property loss or damage that occurred in Victoria and was reported to Victoria Police.

Film & Television

The Film & Television Office assists by coordinating the deployment of police resources - traffic management and on-screen appearances uniform and equipment hire, research assistance and filming notifications.


Information for current and potential firearm licence holders in Victoria, outlining licence categories, licence requirements and other firearm related information.

Forensic Services

The Victoria Police Forensic Services Department delivers an integrated forensic science service committed to quality, integrity and accountability to all sections of Victoria Police, the justice system and the community.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act gives members of the community a legally enforceable right to information held by the government.

Highway Permit Applications

Information on highway permit applications for any person or organisation wanting to either:

  • conduct a foot or bike race or similar on Victorian roads including rolling road closures; or
  • collect money from vehicles on a public road at an intersection (known as tin-rattling).

Police Prosecutions

Prosecutions provides an independent and professional prosecutions service to the community of Victoria by supporting judicial and coronial proceedings on behalf of Victoria Police.

Police Record Checks

Victoria Police can assist individuals and organisations in Victoria to obtain national police certificates for employment, voluntary work and occupation related licensing or registration purposes.

Private Security

Information about becoming licensed or registered in the private security industry.


Victoria Police is committed to undertaking and supporting research to deliver best practice police services to the Victorian community.

Statutory Declarations

Police members have consent to sign statutory declarations. Blank forms can be downloaded from this page.

Speed Camera, Traffic, Crime and Other Infringements

Details on traffic and crime infringements, including reviews and part-payment plans.

Subpoena Management Unit

The role of the Subpoena Management Unit is to assess, receive, record and monitor ALL subpoenas served on both the Chief Commissioner and members of Victoria Police across Victoria.

Victoria Police Band

Victoria Police Pipeband  - a traditional and contemporary highland Pipe Band.

Victoria Police Library

The Victoria Police Library Service contains a collection of resources that focus on local and international police management, issues and strategies.


For persons wishing to obtain approval from the Chief Commissioner to possess, use, carry, manufacture, display, sell, advertise for sale or import a prohibited weapon.

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