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If the car breaks down

Release date: Thu 29 March 2007

Last updated: Thu 29 March 2007

If there are warning signs that your car is faltering, you may have enough time to reach a busy public space where you can stop.

If you have a flat tyre, it may be best to drive slowly until you reach a safe place to stop. Though this can damage the rim, it may be preferable to compromising your safety.

If it is dark and you break down in a very isolated place, you may have to consider spending the night in your vehicle. Alternatively, put on your hazard lights, leave your bonnet up, lock your car doors, flash your lights and try to attract attention. If it is night time, this will also alert other drivers to the fact that there is a broken-down car on the road.

It is safest to not accept lifts from persons unknown to you. Instead, ask them to call RACV or a nominated person for you.

Calling for assistance

If you have a mobile phone, stay in your car and call for assistance. If you do not, decide whether it is safe enough to leave the car and call for assistance, taking into account the time and your location.

If someone offers assistance, it is safest to remain in your car and speak through a partially opened window.

You may have to rely on a motorist making a call for you, if a telephone is too far away.

When making a call for assistance, try to arrange to be located from the phone location. If you attend a house, ask the resident to ring for you, rather than entering.

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