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Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Walking to school

Release date: Wed 21 March 2007

Last updated: Mon 23 December 2013

Safer living starts with a positive attitude. Avoid danger by being alert, confident and assertive when you are walking to and from school:

  • Walk like you mean business.
  • Maintain a confident appearance.
  • Be aware of everything that is going on around you.

With a few ground rules and some preparation, walking to school can be enjoyable and safe.

Pay attention to where you are

When you walk with a purpose, you should also be aware of your surroundings - both human and environmental:

  • Remember key street names.
  • Take notice of the location of public telephone boxes.
  • Do not cover both ears with headphones as you may not hear approaching danger.

Be prepared and comfortable

Plan your walk before you leave to make sure you know where you are going and what you may need along the way:

  • Find an easy way to get to school where there is less traffic and safer road crossings.
  • Consider practical clothing and dress for what you are doing.
  • Find out where the Safe Houses are on your route (see 'Safety Houses' link on the right side of this page).
  • Practice walking the route with your parents or someone you trust before school starts.

Take care when there is no-one around

It is important to take extra precautions when there are not many people around, when you are in isolated places, late at night or early in the morning:

  • Keep to major well-lit streets.
  • Avoid dark areas.
  • Stick to well travelled routes and avoid shortcuts.

Involve other people

Pairing up with a friend or walking in a group is a good way to improve your safety. Let someone know:

  • Where you are going.
  • How long you intend to be.
  • Which route you are taking.

Take care with bags and money

When you are walking, hold your bag close to your body and carry it on the side of your body furthest from the road. Also:

  • Do not carry large sums of money.
  • Keep cash hidden.

Act quickly

If you think you are being followed, walk close to the road or cross to the other side. If your bag is grabbed, release it, and if possible, empty the contents onto the ground. This will help to:

  • Create a distraction.
  • Prevent injury.
  • Stop the thief from stealing all of your property at once, such as personal items and keys.
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