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Release date: Tue 4 July 2006

Last updated: Sun 12 November 2017


Police Filming Notification Form (formerly ESTA Notification Form)


iPhone and MAC Users: The Police Notification Form must be opened with the program Adobe to ensure functionality and successful transmission to the Film and Television Office. Failure to do this may result in the form being returned having not been processed.


  • To notify police of filming activities that may cause public alarm and unnecessary calls for police assistance (Triple Zero 000 Calls)

When to Use

When your filming activity may be seen or heard by members of the public and filming involves:

  • Use of firearms (real or imitation), weapons or special effects eg. explosives, flames, smoke, mock car accidents
  • Use of private traffic management on major roads (include traffic management plans)
  • Any activity that may cause public concern including but not limited to violence (physical and/or verbal), mock police, military activity, large crowds, etc.
  • Use of remote piloted aircraft (drones) over public places


  • Notification will only be distributed to relevant parties within Victoria Police including Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA)
  • It is recommended that other relevant agencies are notified eg. Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority, Ambulance
  • Notification is in no way approval of your filming activity. You must contact the relevant land/road management authority

Time Frames

  • Please forward your notification at least 2 working days (Monday - Friday) prior to commencement of filming


  • Complete the form making sure to include; nature of activity that may cause public concern (not the story line) and steps taken to alleviate potential concern in addition to notifying police
  • Forward notification to


Contact the Film and Television Office: (03) 9247 5266 /


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