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About the Walk

In October 2018 Chief Commissioner of Police (CCP) Graham Ashton and TPAV Secretary Mr Wayne Gatt walked together to support police mental health.

They came together from opposite sides of Victoria in the Head to Head Fundraising. Walk covering a combined 1,000kms on foot. Both men set off on 1 October 2018, with CCP. Ashton commencing in Mallacoota and Mr Gatt, who led his team from Mildura.

Over three weeks they walked the roads with a range of co-walkers joining them from Victoria Police, TPAV and the community, meeting ‘head to head’ in Wangaratta. Along the way they visited police stations and participated in events with local communities to help broaden awareness and raise much-needed funds to support police veterans affected by mental health issues.

About the initiative

The RPSO program was launched to support retired police living with mental health issues tied to their experiences in the job. A dedicated team of former police volunteer their own time and money to support over 700 members experiencing mental health issues.

The programs philosophy is based on the belief that individuals who have shared life experiences can better relate to other people trying to deal with mental health issues.

Funds raised from Head to Head go towards:

  • Helping the volunteers provide  support to those who are registered with the RPSO program.
  • Training and professional development for volunteers.

Reviewed 22 October 2019


You can contribute to ensure Head to Head is a success in both raising awareness and reaching our initial $500,000 target in funding. Show your support.