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Receipting proof of concept

Learn about the Victoria Police initiative for police officers and Protective Services Officers to begin issuing receipts.

In 2015, Victoria Police trialed a system in selected locations where police and PSOs issued receipts when they spoke to people in some situations.

Receipts were issued when a person was asked to provide their details but no law enforcement outcome - such as the issuing of a fine - was recorded. This meant a community member had a written record of their contact with police or PSOs if they wished to follow up the interaction.

Victoria Police committed to the Receipting Proof of Concept (RPOC) in response to community feedback, which is outlined in the Equality is not the same report 

The RPOC method was developed through extensive consultation with both police and community stakeholders in the receipting locations.

More information on the RPOC can be found in the following report:

Evaluation of the Receipting Proof of Concept

In 2016 Victoria Police assessed the outcomes and evaluated the impact of the RPOC for community and police. The outcomes of the evaluation reported the following findings:

  1. members found the business card style receipt was practical and did not take much time to provide
  2. explaining the purpose of the receipt took longer than issuing one, often caused confusion and frequently detracted from the interaction between members and the public
  3. the public did not see benefit in being provided with a receipt and were less satisfied with their contact with police and PSOs as a result
  4. members did not recognise value in the receipting process when it must be issued in all the circumstances of the issuing criteria and no discretion was allowed
  5. members would find it helpful to be provided with a card with room for free text to issue when they thought it would benefit an interaction or a member of the public requested one
  6. there were no notable consequences to public safety or perceptions of public safety as a result of the RPOC trial

The findings did however suggest that a modified, tangible record of contact with police was considered a possible positive contribution to an improved policing service. The final evaluation report can be accessed below:


Future direction

Victoria Police proposes to progress a state-wide roll-out of a business contact card as outlined here:

The details on the business card are yet to be finalised, however, the provision of this card will continue our commitment to accountable and transparent policing.

Reviewed 25 June 2021


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