VicPol Corporate

Our role and function

The role of Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law to promote a safe, secure, and orderly society.

Victoria Police achieves this by:

  • preserving the peace
  • protecting life and property
  • preventing the commission of offences
  • detecting and apprehending offenders
  • helping those in need of assistance.

Victoria Police operates under the Victoria Police Act 2013External Link (Vic).

Our code of ethics and values

The organisational values underpin Victoria Police’s policies, procedures, and practices.

They also define how employees interact with the community and each other.

Organisational values

  • Everyone is treated fairly and with dignity, and feels valued and included.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Treating each other and every community member with respect and understanding.
    • Celebrating and valuing equity, diversity and inclusion.
    • Valuing the unique place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as first nations people, and their rich history and culture, along with the diverse backgrounds of other community members.
  • Acting with honour, being fair and respectful of both the law and human rights.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Being honest, objective and impartial.
    • Respecting and championing human rights and being committed to lawful and fair processes.
    • Placing the community good before our own interests.
  • Being people-focused, confident but still humble and committed to living our values.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Being trustworthy, approachable and treating everyone with compassion.
    • Making decisions that reflect our values and build community trust and confidence.
    • Being inclusive, progressive and prepared to acknowledge and learn from mistakes.
  • Being accountable, transparent and committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Behaving in a manner that reflects positively on ourselves and our organization.
    • Being open, consistent, and valuing collaboration and teamwork.
    • Providing services that are engaging, accessible and equitable.
  • Having empathy and being genuinely committed to responding to the needs and wellbeing of others.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Being committed to understanding and considering the experiences and needs of others.
    • Reaching out to those in need, encouraging them and being prepared to offer help.
    • Being committed to connecting people in need with high-quality care and services.
  • Providing a service that is agile and evolves with the community's needs.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Being open-minded, creative and adaptable.
    • Being innovative and committed to continually improving.
    • Being connected to and working with the community.
  • Safety is at the heart of our purpose, it is fundamental to, and underpins, everything we do.

    What does this look like in Victoria Police?

    • Being committed to a safe, secure and orderly society.
    • Being committed to a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace.
    • Safety is always front of mind and underpins every decision we make.

Reviewed 31 August 2022

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