Two female police officers are walking down the street at night. They are facing away from us, and you can clearly read their high vis vests marked 'Police'. The street is brightly lit and you can see some graffiti on the wall next to them.

About Victoria Police

Our role and function

The role of Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law to promote a safe, secure, and orderly society.

Victoria Police achieves this by:

  • preserving the peace
  • protecting life and property
  • preventing the commission of offences
  • detecting and apprehending offenders
  • helping those in need of assistance.

Victoria Police operates under the Victoria Police Act 2013 (Vic).

Our code of ethics and values

The organisational values underpin Victoria Police’s policies, procedures, and practices.

They also define how employees interact with the community and each other.

Organisational values