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Corporate Plan 2022–2023 - Annual Plan - Reduce crime

Reduce crime

At the core of everything Victoria Police does, is:

  • preventing crime
  • disrupting criminal activity
  • holding offenders to account
  • minimising harm to the community.

We respond to crime through building on professional partnerships, multi-agency collaboration and targeted strategies.

These strategies include our:

  • Counter Terrorism Strategy
  • Anti-Gang Strategy
  • Cybercrime Strategy
  • Drug Strategy
  • Serious and Organised Crime Strategy
  • Strategy for Family Violence, Sexual Offences and Child Abuse.

Crime Command’s highly skilled specialist investigation teams conduct high-level investigations into:

  • serious and organised crime
  • homicide
  • armed crime
  • child exploitation
  • drug trafficking
  • cybercrime
  • sexual assault.

Located throughout the regions, Family Violence and Sexual Offences/Child Abuse Investigation Units provide a professional and tailored response to crimes committed within their local communities.

The Regional Crime response differs across the state to ensure a tailored approach to local geographical and socioeconomic factors.

Crimes involving aggravated burglaries and violent offending continue to be prioritised as they cause considerable harm and concern.

Victoria Police is working to reduce crime through local safety initiatives that tackle recidivism across various crime themes. A critical focus of this work includes:

  • supporting victims of crime
  • reducing harm
  • driving strategies to increase community safety.

Victoria Police actions to reduce crime

Victoria Police will continue to focus on reducing crime by:

  • Continuing implementation of the Drug Strategy 2020-2025 to minimise the harmful impact of drugs in the Victorian community
  • Implementing a Victoria Police Anti-Gang Strategy
  • Operationalising Taskforce VIPER to adopt a coordinated approach to targeting serious and organised crime activity
  • Continuing to enhance organisational responses to family violence and violence against women and children
  • Implementing the Victoria Police Cybercrime Strategy (2022–2027)
  • Implementing the Victoria Police Serious and Organised Crime Strategy (2022–2025)
  • Implementing the Victoria Police Illicit Firearms Strategy (2022–2025).

Reviewed 31 August 2022

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