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Our finances

Victoria Police has a budget of $3.9 billion in 2022–2023 to deliver policing services 24 hours a day to the Victorian community and visitors across our state. This supports the Victorian Government priorities as set out in Budget Paper 3: Service Delivery.

Our objective is ‘Ensuring community safety through policing, law enforcement and crime prevention activities.'

Our objective indicators are:

  • community safety during the day and at night
  • community safety on public transport
  • crime statistics
  • number of road fatalities
  • number of hospitalisations from road injuries.

Our people

Victoria Police employs more than 22,200 staff.

These employees include:

  • more than 16,690 police officers
  • 1470 Protective Services Officers (PSOs)
  • 400 Police Custody Officers (PCOs)
  • 3650 Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees.

VPS employees support Victoria Police and work across a wide variety of functions. These areas include:

  • capability development
  • community engagement
  • finance and accounting
  • forensic science
  • human resources
  • information and communications technology
  • infrastructure services
  • intelligence
  • legal services
  • organisational planning
  • policy
  • regulation
  • research.

Our employee numbers change in line with Victorian Government investment in our recruitment.

We are committed to making sure our people reflect the diversity of the community we serve.

Figure 2: Our people

Figure 2: Our people

22,200+ Victoria Police employees

  • 16,690 Police Officers
  • 400 Police Custody Officers (PCOs)
  • 3,650 Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees
  • 1,470 Protective Services Officers (PSOs)
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Our organisational risks

The effective management of risk is vital to achieve Victoria Police objectives.

We continue to focus on maturing risk management practices that strengthen risk identification and support informed decision making.

We are committed to an ongoing positive risk culture that normalises sound risk management practices.

We will continue to follow our new Victoria Police Risk Management Framework to improve our performance and manage organisational risks.

Our performance

Victoria Police monitors and reports on performance in line with government requirements.

Reporting on our progress against key initiatives and outcomes is provided in the Annual ReportExternal Link .

This includes reporting against performance measures outlined in the Victorian Government Budget Papers and Community Safety Statements.

Further to this, our progress of specific initiatives is monitored by the following entities including:

  • the Minister for Police
  • Implementation Monitor for Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants
  • Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor
  • the Victims of Crime Commissioner
  • the Gender Equality Commissioner.

Reviewed 31 August 2022

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