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Mon 6 January 2014

Hi kids,

We hope you enjoyed your time at the Victoria Police Kids' website as much as we enjoyed showing you around?

Visit us again soon as we will continue to update pages with new information, fun facts and exciting new games for you to play.

For comments and enquires relating to the kids website email

Police are sometimes able to visit schools and discuss a wide range of topics with students. To find out more, contact your local police station for their availability.

The Victoria Police Museum also runs three education programs based on their collections and the Victorian school curriculum, visit for more information.

Don't forget to like us on facebook and check out the Victoria Police Museum for more interesting facts, information about current and upcoming exhibits and visiting hours.

If you need police emergency assistance, telephone Triple Zero (000) immediately.

In non emergency situations, you can contact your local police station

Bye for now!


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Fact: The Bobby Helmet was introduced because it made police more highly visible. It was based on a Prussian Army design.

Fact: The word police comes from the French language. It was first used in 1477 to mean organised civil administration. 



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