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Release date: Fri 12 October 2007

Last updated: Fri 12 October 2007

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From handbags to horse-drawn vehicles to high-tech equipment and specialised squads, the growth of policing in Victoria has been great.

Previously unseen artefacts of historical significance have been unlocked from the vaults with the re-opening of the Victoria Police Museum. Police Life, takes readers on a tour of the museum.

Manager Alan Gee said the museum was a state-of-the-art exhibition space at the World Trade Centre.

“It’s larger with a lot more material on display and significant exhibits being seen by the public for the first time,” he said. “Visitors can see police history, forensics, landmark investigations and the evolution of policing to community policing.”

This month’s Police Life also takes a look at the big guns of the Crime Department, the Armed Crime Taskforce.

Detective Senior Sergeant Allan Price said the taskforce, formed a year ago, has achieved impressive results with a 73.2 per cent clean-up rate for the investigation of armed crime.

“Armed robbery is a particularly serious crime because of the attendant danger of death or personal violence to the victims involved,” Det Sen Sgt Price said.

When an incident heats up, it is the cool head of police negotiators that can turn a potentially deadly situation around.

Police Life speaks to the police who take pride in their work “saving lives”.

Whether it is a siege or self-harm, police negotiators are trained to deal with people in all situations.

The internet age has borne a new breed of offender, the online sex offender. Victoria Police’s Sex Crimes Squad is working to shutdown the innocence thieves.

In regular features, this month’s true crime follows the story of a girl, a sword and a severed hand, Police Life spends a day with the Mounted Branch and visits the police working at Werribee police station.

Police Life is published bi-monthly, and can be downloaded online by clicking on the link on the right-hand side of this page.

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Chelsea Arnold

Editor, Police Life

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