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Release date: Tue 1 September 2009

Last updated: Fri 7 December 2018


The Licensing & Regulation Division customer contact centre will be closed during the Christmas and New Year period.

Please be advised that phone lines close at 4:30pm Tuesday 18 December and reopen 8:30am Thursday 10 January 2019.

Licensing & Regulation will be available to assist with your queries by email during this time.

Should you need urgent (non emergency) assistance you can contact your local police.

Licensing & Regulation Division Front Counter Services

Licensing & Regulation Division front counter services are available by appointment only at Tower 1,  637 Flinders Street Docklands 3008 (entry via Flinders Street).

In order to provide a more personalised approach attendance at the counter will be by appointment only.

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Credit Card Knives 
15 September 2014

Please be advised that persons found to be in possession of a credit card knife risk being charged with possession of a prohibited weapon as there is no lawful excuse to carry this item. The penalty for this offence is 240 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment.

Trade of Prohibited Weapons Including Imitation Firearms
8 July 2014

Licensed Firearms Dealers are reminded that having a dealers licence does not authorise the trade of prohibited weapons (including imitation firearms) regulated under the Control of Weapons Act 1990. A Chief Commissioner's prohibited weapons approval for a business must be obtained should you wish to trade in imitation firearms or any other prohibited weapons. The application form must be submitted together with the fee of $152.30 and is issued for 3 years. Further information about the application process and forms can be found HERE.

Current amnesty relating to 'laser tag' devices that resemble operative firearms ceases on 30 June 2014
24 April 2014

Victoria Police wishes to advise that the current amnesty with regard to laser devices used for laser gaming and sporting purposes (and which have the appearance of an imitation firearm) is due to cease on 30 June 2014.

The conclusion of the amnesty will mean that from 1 July 2014, the new regulatory system is due to come into effect and owners/operators of such devices will need to take action to legalize their position by this date.

Hence, under this new system, a Chief Commissioner's Prohibited Weapons Approval or a Governor in Council Exemption will be required to import, purchase, manufacture, possess, sell, carry or use laser tag and other laser sport devices.

Additional information including guidelines on the types of devices which will be regulated and instructions on how to apply for a Chief Commissioner's Approval can be found HERE.

Victoria Police announces a final extension to the current amnesty relating to 'laser tag' devices that resemble operative firearms. The amnesty applies until 30 June 2014
3 March 2014

Amendments made to the Firearms Act 1996 and Control of Weapons Act 1990, which came into effect 1 July 2011, captured these items as prohibited weapons.

More information about the laser tag amnesty can be found here

Advice regarding the possession, use and sale of slingshots in Victoria
12 April 2013

Slingshots are classified as a prohibited weapon in Victoria pursuant to the Control of Weapons Act 1990. Victoria Police is aware that some members of the public are bringing slingshots into Victoria from other states for the use in recreational activities such as fishing.

Members of the public should be aware that even if they legally posses a slingshot in another state, it is classified as a prohibited weapon in Victoria. This means that slingshots cannot be possessed, carried, used, displayed or sold without a Chief Commissioner's Prohibited Weapons Approval. Using a slingshot for a recreational activity such as fishing does not constitute a genuine reason for possession, and Victoria Police will not grant a Chief Commissioner's Approval on this basis.

The penalty for possessing, using or carrying a prohibited weapon without a permit is 240 penalty units or two years imprisonment.

Retailers also need to be aware that slingshots that are manufactured and intended for commercial distribution are classified as a prohibited weapon, regardless of whether it is sold as a whole or in parts. As per section 5B of the Control of Weapons Act 1990, any slingshot sold must be recorded in the form prescribed by the Regulations and kept for a period of 3 years after the date of sale. 

Changes to importation of weapons and weapons parts
19 January 2012

The importation of weapons and associated parts into Australian territory is controlled by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, under the Customs Regulations 1956.

Please be advised that on 14 December 2011 changes were made to the controls on the importation of weapons and weapons parts. In particular, Schedule 13 of the Regulations was amended to impose certain 'tests' that must be met prior to the importation of weapons and associated parts.

For Further information please refer to the Australian Customs and Boarder Protection Service website (

Victoria Police announces a 12 month amnesty relating to 'laser tag' devices which resemble operative firearms. The amnesty applies from 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012
7 July 2011

Recent amendments to the Firearms Act 1996 and Control of Weapons Act 1990 which came into effect 1 July 2011 captured laser tag items as prohibited weapons.

More information about the laser tage amensty can be found here

Licensing & Regulation Division the new Division name
20 June 2011

Please be advised that as of 1 July 2011, the Licensing Services Division will undergo a name change and will become known as Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD).

More information about the name change can be found here.

Australasian Knife Collectors®
06 May 2011

Advice has been provided that the 'Australasian Knife Collectors® Club' will wind up as at 30 April 2011.

Therefore proof of membership to this club will no longer be accepted by Licensing & Regulation Division from 30th April 2011, as evidence in support of an Application for a Chief Commissioner's Approval for prohibited weapons.

Changes to the Control of Weapons Act 
6 April 2011

On 1st July 2011, the remaining sections of the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Act 2010 will come into effect to amend the Firearms Act 1996 and the Control of Weapons Act 1990.

The amendments to the Control of Weapons Act 1990 include:

  • The addition of the regulation of 'imitation firearms' (classified as 'Prohibited Weapons'); and
  • The exemption of health professionals, health service security and ambulance officers from liability for handling a prohibited weapon, a controlled weapon or a dangerous article in the course of their employment with a health service (enacted as at 1 November 2010).

Further details on the Control of Weapons Act 1990 changes can be found here.

Complete copy of the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Act 2010.

Please note: Licensing & Regulation Division will advise affected parties (including licensed firearms dealers, collectors and handgun clubs) as to specific changes through newsletters in due course.

Weapons Review FAQs
28 September 2010

Why is Victoria Police reviewing Chief Commissioner of Police (CCP) approvals to hold prohibited weapons?

There has been a rise in knife-related assaults in Victoria and many of these assaults have resulted in death or serious injury. Victoria Police is committed to reducing these assaults and part of this process involves ensuring that all holders of CCP approvals have genuine and valid reasons for doing so, and that the process of processing and approving applications is robust.

For very similar reasons, Customs is also conducting a review of its import control processes.

How does this review affect the renewal of my approval?

All renewal applications will be re-assessed to ensure the applicant has a genuine and valid reason for holding a CCP approval.

If you wish to renew your CCP Approval, you must submit your application before it expires. This will ensure that your approval continues to be valid until you are advised otherwise by Victoria Police.

Any application submitted after your approval expires, will be treated as a new application.

New Weapons Laws 
3 May 2010

The Victorian Government has introduced new laws to target knife crime.

New laws soon to be in force mean you can be searched for knives in a public place anywhere, anytime, with and without notice.

If you are 16 and over and get caught carrying a controlled weapon such as a knife, you face an on the spot fine of $1,000, or you may have to go to court and face a fine of over $14,000 or one year imprisonment.

Click here for more information.

Informational Posters for Weapons Industry
19 March 2010

Licensing & Regulation Division has developed 3 informational posters which cover Prohibited Weapons, Controlled Weapons and Dangerous Weapons.

Please take the opportunity to print these posters and place them within your area for informational purposes.

For all enquires, please e-mail attention: Policy & Publications.


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