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Arson and Explosives Squad

Release date: Wed 16 May 2007

Last updated: Tue 13 January 2015

The role of Arson and Explosives is to respond to and provide primary investigation accountability for offences including:

  • Suspicious Fire deaths (or injury likely to result in death)
  • Bomb/Explosives Devices 
  • Fatalities involving wildfire/bushfire

Respond to and provide support to police across the state for offences including:

  • Fire related death, suicide or life threatening and or siginificant serious injuries
  • Politically motivated fires
  • Complex suspicious fires
  • Intentionally or recklessly causing a bushfire

Arson and Explosives Squad strives to provide a dedicated specialist investigation group to:

  • Target organised, serial, or recidivist offenders 
  • Maintain and develop subject matter consultants in arson and explosives and maintain investigation guidelines.
  • This squad works with V.P.F.S.C Fire and Explosion Section and Bomb Response Unit.





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