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Release date: Mon 18 April 2011

Last updated: Thu 5 February 2015

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation helping to keep families and communities safe. Crime Stoppers has been around since 1987 as a trusted service to collect crime information from the public and pass on to Victoria Police to help solve crime.

Since the inception of this program, information from the public has resulted in: 

  • Total number of arrests 15,931;
  • Total number of calls / contacts to the call centre 646,083;
  • Charges laid 65,540; and
  • Drugs & property Recovered $178,611,597.

Crime Stoppers achieved record results for the 2013/2014 calendar year.

  • Total number of arrests 1,280;
  • Total number of calls/contacts to the call centre 60,996;
  • Total number of intel/action reports 27,180;
  • Charges laid 4,466;
  • Value of drugs seized $15,911,047;
  • Value of property seized $1,303,886; and
  • Cash seized $525,397.

Community calls to Crime Stoppers have played an integral role in helping Victoria Police to solve some of the following serious crimes. In the 2013/14 financial year, calls to Crime Stoppers resulted in:

  • 1 x murder solved;
  • 3 x attempted murders solved;
  • 6 x clandestine drug laboratories discovered and dismantled;
  • 9 x sexual assaults solved;
  • 21 x armed robberies solved;
  • 23 x robberies solved;
  • 64 x serious assaults solved; and
  • 117 x hydroponic grow houses discovered and dismantled.
Contacting Crime Stoppers

 Information can be forwarded to Crime Stoppers via:

  • Telephone call to 1800 333 000;
  • Report online via Crime Stoppers website (link below)
  • Mobile phone submission;
  • Crime Stoppers iPhone or Android smartphone application.

Call takers who receive the information from the public work within a secure call centre. Crime Stoppers commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of the person filing a report is integral to the success of the program, staff are fully aware of this requirement. 

Wanteds & Unsolved Cases

Located on the Crime Stoppers website (see link at bottom of page) is an area specifically designed to give publicity to persons who are wanted by Victoria Police and have outstanding warrants of arrest. 

There is also an area specifically designed to give publicity for outstanding crimes that have not yet been solved.

As indicated above, Victoria Police makes many arrests and solve many crimes that can be directly attributed to the community giving information to Crime Stoppers. Your information is valuable to police investigations, if you have seen something or you know something, say something. 

Crime Stoppers Campaigns

Crime Stoppers Victoria works with research organisations, the Victorian Government, the Federal Government and Victoria Police, in developing and delivering crime detection campaigns, as well as prevention and education programs, to combat current crime trends and tackle new emerging crimes.

Bushfire Arson

The Victorian Government allocated funding to Crime Stoppers Victoria to run campaigns to encourage the public to report information relating to bushfire arson. 

After the tragic events of Black Saturday in 2009, coupled with other deadly bushfires that have occurred since, it is critically important that you contact Crime Stoppers if you have any information or have seen something that you are suspicious of and forward that information so that it can be investigated. 

Hoon Hotline

The 'Hoon Hotline' was established in 2008 to assist Victoria Police in lowering the road toll and to prosecute those in our society that blatantly breach road safety legislation. 

Crime Stoppers wants to hear from those that witness or are aware of 'hoon' type offending, these types of offences can be categorised as:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by 45km/h;
  • Dangerous or careless driving that involves deliberately causing a vehicle to lose traction on one or more wheels;
  • Evade police when directed to stop by police;
  • Driving in an organised speed trial (racing);
  • Causing unnecessary noise and smoke in circumstances involving improper use of a vehicle;
  • Overloading a vehicle with passengers when there are not enough seats and seatbelts; and
  • Inciting, encouraging or organising any of the above

It should be noted though that if you are witnessing this as it is happening, you should call Triple Zero (000) for immediate police notification. 

Travelling Con Men

A joint initiative with Consumer Affairs Victoria targeting those con men that seeks to do work such as painting, roof restoration and driveway work on your house and demand urgent payment. Campaigns

Say Something is the Victorian Crime Stoppers youth initiative. The content of this website is specifically targeted towards the youth of our community and was launched in 2012. 

This campaign was launched and released in 2012 to target the rising acts of violence in young males. (See video link for "Jimmy" video)

This campaign was launched and released in 2013 featuring a young female victim of sexual assault and encourages victims to call Triple Zero (000), while reinforcing the need for people to report what they know to Crime Stoppers in a confidential way. (See video link for "Rachel" video).

Multilingual Project

The Multilingual Project (MLP) empowers Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities to actively assist the Police in creating safer communities. By connecting the CALD communities with the Crime Stoppers program, this allows access to the program for all Victorians. 

The Multilingual Program also facilitates the publishing and airing of Crime Stoppers material in Multicultural magazines, newspapers and radio stations. Currently there are in excess of 60 different languages being utilised by the Crime Stoppers Multilingual Program. 

If you believe that you are able to assist in this extremely important program, please contact Crime Stoppers Victoria to discuss further.

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