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Crime Stoppers Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation helping to keep families and communities safe. Crime Stoppers has been around since 1987 as a trusted service to collect crime information from the public and pass on to Victoria Police to help solve crime. Since the inception of this program, information from the public has resulted in:

  • Total number of arrests 18,000+;

  • Total number of calls / contacts to the call centre 750,000+;

  • Charges laid 72,000+; and

  • Drugs & property recovered $198,000,000+.

2016 was a record breaking year for Crime Stoppers with several all time records gained:

  • Total number of arrests 1,541 (all time record);

  • Total number of calls/contacts to the call centre 81,330 (all time record);

  • Total number of information reports 42,476 (all time record);

  • Charges laid 5,599 (all time record);

  • Value of drugs seized $7,109,855;

  • Value of property seized $1,836,768; and

  • Cash seized $344,161.

Community calls to CSU have played an integral role in helping Victoria Police to solve some of the following serious crimes. In 2016, calls to the CSU resulted in:

  • 1 x murder solved;

  • 8 x clandestine drug laboratories discovered and dismantled;

  • 9 x sexual assaults solved;

  • 18 x armed robberies solved;

  • 1 x arsons solved;

  • 26 x serious assaults solved; and

  • 100 x hydroponic grow houses discovered and dismantled.

How to Contact Crime Stoppers



       Call to 1800 333 000                                                                                  


      Smart phone app - Android                                                                                                                  


       Online report at                                                                                                        


      Smart phone app - Apple

Call takers who receive the information from the public work within a secure call centre. Crime Stoppers commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of the person filing a report is integral to the success of the program, staff are fully aware of this requirement. 

Crime Stoppers Victoria - Social Media Platforms


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Wanteds & Unsolved Cases

Located on the Crime Stoppers website  is an area specifically designed to give publicity to persons who are wanted by Victoria Police and have outstanding warrants of arrest. 

There is also an area specifically designed to give publicity for outstanding crimes that have not yet been solved.

As indicated above, Victoria Police makes many arrests and solve many crimes that can be directly attributed to the community giving information to Crime Stoppers.

Your information is valuable to police investigations, if you have seen something or you know something, say something. 

Crime Stoppers Campaigns

Crime Stoppers Victoria works with research organisations, the Victorian Government, the Federal Government and Victoria Police, in developing and delivering crime detection campaigns, as well as prevention and education programs, to combat current crime trends and tackle new emerging crimes.

Dob in a Dealer                                    

Crime Stoppers is providing a safe and secure platform for all Australians to report information about those manufacturing and distributing ice and other illicit drugs in their neighbourhoods.

Residents are being urged to contact Crime Stoppers to confidentially report any information relating to people who may be bringing harmful drugs into the local community. 

17 local Dob in a Dealer campaigns will run throughout Victoria in 2016. More than 75 campaigns will be held nation-wide.

The national program comes after the campaign was rolled out across 15 towns in regional Victoria last year, contributing to a 168% increase in drug-related Intelligence Reports to Crime Stoppers.

The Crime Stoppers Dob in a Dealer program is funded by the Australian Government and run in collaboration with Victoria Police.                                                                                                                                                                                    


Bushfire Arson (During bushfire season)

CSV's Bushfire & Arson Awareness Campaign raises awareness of the large scale danger and devastation that recklessly and deliberately lit fires can cause and to make sure Victorian communities are vigilant.

We provide the community with a confidential reporting hot line if they have information about someone they believe may be involved in arson activities.


Safer Travel

Victoria has a fantastic, safe public transport network. From time to time, though, things can happen on public transport that aren't quite right. To help make our public transport system even safer, Crime Stoppers Victoria has developed a Safer Travel campaign to encourage public transport users to report crime and empower Victorians to make a positive contribution to public safety, on and off the network.

The Safer Travel campaign works to raise community awareness around crime prevention and crime reporting options across the metro public transport network, and encourage public transport customers to confidentially report information about crime or suspicious behaviour on the network to Crime Stoppers.



Travelling Con Man                                          

Crime Stoppers Victoria is working with Consumer Affairs Victoria through the Travelling Con Men Campaign to warn communities about travelling con men, and encourage Victorians to report travelling con men. To make a strong report, record as much information as you can, such as their name, physical description and vehicle make and registration.



This campaign was launched and released in 2012 to target the rising acts of violence in young males. (See video link for "Jimmy" video).



This campaign was launched and released in 2013 featuring a young female victim of sexual assault and encourages victims to call 000, while reinforcing the need for people to report what they know to Crime Stoppers in a confidential way. (See video link for "Rachel" video).


Hoon Driving

The 'Hoon Hotline' was established in 2008 to assist Victoria Police in lowering the road toll and to prosecute those in our society that blatantly breach road safety legislation.

Crime Stoppers wants to hear from those that witness or are aware of 'hoon' type offending, these types of offences can be categorised as:

Level one offences, which are more serious, are:

" Repeat drink driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 or more
" Rrepeat drug driving
" Repeat driving while disqualified or unlicensed
" Speeding at 70 km or more above the speed limit
" Driving at 170 km/hour in a 110 km/hour zone
" Driving negligently or dangerously while being chased by the police.

Note: The 'repeat' offences are only hoon driving offences if they happened after 30 June 2011.

Level two offences include:

" Any drink driving offence where BAC is 0.10 or more (including first offence)
" Deliberately causing the vehicle to skid, smoke or make excessive noise
" Deliberately driving across tracks when a train or tram is coming
" Dangerous driving
" Disobeying a police direction to stop
" Having too many people in your vehicle
" Driving in or organising a speed race
" Speeding at between 45 and 70 km over the speed limit
" Speeding at between 145 and up to 170 km/hour in a 110 km/hour zone.

It should be noted though that if you are witnessing this as it is happening, you should call Triple Zero (000) for immediate police notification.



Multilingual Program

The Multilingual Project (MLP) empowers Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities to actively assist the Police in creating safer communities. By connecting the CALD communities with the Crime Stoppers program, this allows access to the program for all Victorians. 

The Multilingual Program also facilitates the publishing and airing of Crime Stoppers material in Multicultural magazines, newspapers and radio stations. Currently there are in excess of 60 different languages being utilised by the Crime Stoppers Multilingual Program. 

If you believe that you are able to assist in this extremely important program, please contact Crime Stoppers Victoria to discuss further.

Where Should You Report?


Complaints about an Australian government department or agency, including Courts and Magistrates 

Report it to that department or agency first. If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive from the involved agency you can then raise your concerns with the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Compliments and Complaints about Victoria Police members


Victoria Police's information page explains the process.

Centrelink or Medicare fraud (Does not include scams)

Call the Australian Government Services Fraud Tip-off line 131 524 or report it to Centrelink or Medicare via the Human Services website.

Cybercrime (including online fraud, such as eBay, and internet scams) 

Report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

Family Court matters 

Contact the Family Court via their website or phone 1300 352 000

Film piracy, including DVDs 

Report it to the Australian Screen Association

Immigration, citizenship and customs offences 

Report it to Australian Border Force

Intellectual Property 

Refer to IP Australia for advice.

International child abduction 

Contact the Attorney-General's Department on 1800 100 480 or by email at

Offensive content on the internet 

Report it to the Australian Communication and Media Authority


Report it to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission via the SCAMwatch website
NOTE: Internet scams should be reported to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

Spam email 

Report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

Taxation offences 

Report it to the Australian Taxation Office

Theft of mail before it is delivered 

Report it to Australia Post


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