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Release date: Sun 1 July 2018

Last updated: Mon 25 June 2018


Changes have been made to the policy in regards to the information obtained from other police jurisdictions.

For further information, please refer to the Victoria Police Information Release Policy -September 2017 document that is available in the Downloads section on the right hand side of this webpage.

National PoliceRecord Check

Victoria Police provides a service to all Victorians who wish to obtain a National Police Certificate for employment, voluntary work and occupation-relatedlicensing or registration purposes.

Information about an individual's criminal history will not be released without an applicant's written consent other than for law enforcement purposes.

Further information for applicants is available to download -National Police Certificate Information Card.

International and national applications

Victoria Police does not conduct police record checks for overseas or interstate applicants, temporary/permanent residency or citizenship.

Overseas applicants or applicants wanting temporary/permanent residency or citizenship must apply to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). For these purposes, please visit the Australian Federal Police website. Interstate applicants must apply to their respective police jurisdiction.


Application fees for police records checks are reviewed on 1 July, every year, in accordance with the Victoria Police (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2014.

Thefees are:

Police Records Check (Name only):


Volunteer for an authorised organisation:


Police Records Check (Name & Fingerprint):


Ink Fingerprints (visa, passport, immigration)

1 set


2 sets


3 sets


All applications not requiring fingerprints must include an Australian cheque or money order payable to Victoria Police. International cheques/bank drafts will not be accepted. Applications should be posted to:

Victoria Police
GPO Box 919

Eligibility for reduced fee

Volunteers, student placements and persons who qualify under the Family Day Care Scheme as an adult (18 years or over) residing with a Family Day Care provider can obtain a National Police Certificate at a reduced fee. A valid Community Volunteer Fee (CVF) number must be provided by an organisation registered with Victoria Police to claim the reduced fee. For further details please download 'Procedure for obtaining a National Police Certificate'.

The reduced application feeonly applies to organisations registered with Victoria Police. Organisations need to download, complete and submit the application form to obtain a CVF number.

Processing timeframes

For a National Name Check, please allow a minimum of 10 working days from the date that the application is received by our office for your name to be searched nationally and the process to be completed.The process may be further delayed if information is required from interstate jurisdictions pertaining to the national name search.

For a National Name and Fingerprint Check, please allow a minimum of 20 working days to have your fingerprint appointment and check processed. Booking in advance is essential as appointment times fill up quickly.

We recommend that you allow sufficient time for processing and return by postal services before making enquiries regarding your application. You may contact the Public Enquiry Service on 1300 881 596 to check the status of your application.

The National Police Certificate

As a result of the introduction of a uniformed National Police Certificate now utilised by all Australian police jurisdictions, certificates issued by Victoria Police are printed on secure paper.

The paper features:

  • a watermark of a padlock with two keys which is visible when held up to the light
  • fluorescent tricolour threads on both sides of the document glow blue, yellow and red when held under ultra violet light
  • a border printed in MICROTYPE which can be read when viewed under magnification (located on the right of the police service logos on the front of the document
  • images on the front that are printed in heat sensitive ink and when moderate heat or friction is applied they will fade or disappear momentarily
  • images printed in fluorescent ink and will glow yellow when viewed under ultra violet light
  • screened background printed in solvent reaction ink.

All national certificates processedwill be issued using the secure paper. SAMPLE CERTIFICATE


Fingerprints can be taken at our fingerprinting locations.It is crucial that applicants are punctual for their appointments and should arrive at least 20 minutes before their appointment time if they do not have a completed application form with them. Latecomers will not be fingerprinted and will need to reschedule their appointment.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken, telephone 1300 881 596 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note, an appointment MUST be made to be fingerprinted at any of these locations.

Payment options at the metropolitan location are EFTPOS, credit card, cheque or money order. Please note, cash is not accepted.

Most regional fingerprinting locations only operate one day per week for this service.
Payment options at regional locations cheque or money order. Please note, EFTPOS, credit card or cash are not accepted.

Criminal History Information Dispute Process

If you dispute some or all of the criminal history information resulting from your police check you must follow the guidelines to commence official dispute proceedings.

Firstly you need to determine who conducted the check on your behalf. This could be Victoria Police, an interstate police jurisdiction where Victorian criminal history was released, or a private company authorised to conduct checks (this is known as an Accredited Agency or Broker).

If you submitted an application form directly to Victoria Police you need to put your dispute in writing, including any relevant details to:

Manager, Public Enquiry Service, Victoria Police,
GPO Box 919 Melbourne, VIC 3001

An investigation will be conducted and you will be informed of the outcome by mail.

If you submitted an application via an interstate police jurisdiction you need to lodge your dispute with them according to their dispute process. Please make direct contact with the specific police jurisdiction.

If your check was conducted by an Accredited Agency or Broker you must raise your dispute with them and they will arrange for you to complete an NPCS Dispute Form which they will lodge on your behalf.

In order to assist with the confirmation of identity, with regards to the resolution of any disputed criminal history information, you will need to provide as much additional information as possible. You may also be required to provide comparison fingerprints to assist in any determination however this will only be requested where necessary. No fee will be charged for taking comparison fingerprints.

Contact us

Public Enquiry Service
GPO Box 919

Office hours are from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 1300 881 596

Downloads for theNational Police Record Check process

Guidelines for completing and lodging the online application form

These guidelines are also available on screen by clicking on the question mark icon in the application form.

Online application form for the National Police Certificate

The application form for a National Police Certificate has embedded business rules and requires Adobe Reader to function. If the website displays a message indicating you should upgrade your Adobe Reader it is detecting that the form is not opening with the required version to function. If your Adobe Reader is up to date download and save the application form to your desktop then open your Adobe Reader and use File Open to access the saved form. This will ensure it opens with Adobe Reader.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - National Police Certificate

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Victoria Police Information Release Policy -September 2017

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