Message from the Chief Commissioner

Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Release date: Fri 6 August 2010

Last updated: Wed 4 May 2016

Melbourne Precinct Policing  - Local Policing for Local People


 What's it about?

 Melbourne Precinct Policing is about police working closely with the community to create a safer city.

 The Melbourne municipality has been divided into 38 areas that will be known as Police Precincts. This initiative will:

  • encourage stronger connections between community members, police, traders, licensees, residents within the 38 precincts.
  • identify concerns that require Police coordination of resources to implement solutions.
  • create community neighbourhood responses to community safety and security concerns.


Features of Melbourne Precinct Policing

  • City of Melbourne residents, traders, licensees or other community groups can report concerns to Victoria Police for follow up.
  • Each precinct has a dedicated team of police members who are responsible for liaising with community groups in the precinct about police and community safety concerns.

See Something, Say Something

Residents and business owners can call their local police team about crime, safety and security issues they are concerned with. This may include:

  • graffiti
  • property damage
  • anti-social behaviour
  • drug activity
  • any other community safety issue

How do I make a report?

To notify your local police call or email your local police station:

People requiring urgent police attendance should call Triple Zero '000'.

Melbourne East          Ph: 9637 1100

Melbourne West              Ph: 8690 4444

Melbourne North        Ph: 8379 0800

Southbank                          Ph: 8635 0900

Which precinct are you in?

To find out which police precinct you reside in or business belongs click on the map below to see description of the boundaries covered within each area of the City of Melbourne Precinct Policing.


Melbourne East | Melbourne West | Melbourne North | Southbank

St Kilda Road Precinct 38 St Kilda Road Precinct 37 St Kilda Road Precinct 36 St Kilda Road Precinct 35 St Kilda Road Precinct 34 St Kilda Road Precinct 33 St Kilda Road Precinct 32 Melbourne East Precinct 31 Melbourne East Precinct 30 Melbourne East Precinct 29 Melbourne East Precinct 28 Melbourne East Precinct 27 Melbourne East Precinct 26 Melbourne East Precinct 25 Melbourne East Precinct 24 Melbourne East Precinct 22 Melbourne East Precinct 23 Melbourne East Precinct 21 Melbourne East Precinct 20 Melbourne East Precinct 19 Melbourne West Precinct 8 Melbourne West Precinct 7 Melbourne West Precinct 5 Melbourne West Precinct 6 Melbourne West Precinct 4 Melbourne West Precinct 3 Melbourne West Precinct 1 Melbourne West Precinct 2 Melbourne West Precinct 10 Melbourne West Precinct 9 Melbourne North Precinct 16 Melbourne North Precinct 12 Melbourne North Precinct 13 Melbourne North Precinct 14 Melbourne North Precinct 15 Melbourne North Precinct 18 Melbourne North Precinct 17 Melbourne North Precinct 11

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