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Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer (ACLO) Program

Release date: Thu 24 May 2007

Last updated: Fri 23 December 2016

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Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer (ACLO) Program

The Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer (ACLO) Program is an initiative of Victoria Police to enhance the relationship between Victoria Police and the Victorian Aboriginal communities. The ACLO Program provides the necessary link to engage in a proactive community policing approach that instigates positive change within the current relationships.

The key objectives of the ACLO Program are to:

  • Help build a solid foundation of trust and respect between Victoria Police and the Aboriginal community
  • Maintain positive partnerships to foster communication and interaction between Police and the Aboriginal community to resolve issues
  • Improve understanding between Police and the Aboriginal community to support positive aspirations
  • Provide a strategic link between Victoria Police and key Aboriginal community stakeholders
  • Support the implementation of Victoria Police's 'Equality Is Not The Same'.

ACLOs develop and support implementation of various initiatives within their local communities to assist in building solid relationships between Victoria Police and Aboriginal people.
Contact: Sharon Paten, Aboriginal Portfolio Manager - Phone: 9247 5300 or Email:

Police Aboriginal Liaison Officer (PALO)

Victoria Police has approximately 135 Police Aboriginal Liaison Officers (PALOs) and assistant PALOs spread over 50 police stations throughout Victoria. PALOs have a liaison role, both independently and in partnership with ACLOs, to resolve issues concerning Aboriginal people within their local area. PALOs are sworn members of Victoria Police who perform operational duties as well as performing their PALO portfolio role. The Priority Communities Division actively provides support and advice to PALOs building strong relationships between them, local operational police and Aboriginal communities.

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