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About Victoria Police

Release date: Thu 16 October 2014

Last updated: Thu 6 October 2016

About Victoria Police

Victoria Police was established in 1853 and provides policing services to the Victorian community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to keep over 5.9 million Victorians safe.

Police officers and protective services officers (PSOs) are supported in their roles by public service professionals who work as administrators, managers and specialists in a range of functions such as legal services, accounting, psychology and forensic sciences.

In 2015-16, our workforce expanded with the recruitment and deployment of 214 of a total 400 police custody officers (PCOs).  Continuing the transition of the management and supervision of prisoners from police to PCOs in 2016-17 will further increase our capacity to provide effective policing services to the community. 

Victoria Police provides policing services to the Victorian community across 54 Police Service Areas (PSAs), within 21 divisions and four regions - North West Metro, Southern Metro, Eastern and Western. These regional boundaries correspond with those of other Victorian government departments, enhancing cross-department service delivery, particularly in the area of emergency management.

Our services include:

  • Responding to calls for assistance in matters of personal and public safety, emergencies and serious incidents.
  • Preventing crime through a range of proactive community safety programs.
  • Detecting and investigating offences, and bringing to justice those responsible for committing them.
  • Supporting the judicial process to achieve efficient and effective court case management, providing safe custody for alleged offenders, supporting victims and ensuring fair and equitable treatment of victims and offenders.
  • Promoting safe road-user behaviour.

Victoria Police operates under the Victoria Police Act 2013.

Our Mission

Victoria Police's role is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society.  Victoria Police achieves this by:

  • Preserving the peace
  • Protecting life and property
  • Preventing offences
  • Detecting and apprehending offenders
  • Helping those in need of assistance.

Our Values

The organisational values underpin Victoria Police's policies, procedures and practices and how employees interact with the community and each other.


  • the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, and ensuring healthy, safe and respectful workplaces, are integral to the success of Victoria Police
  • a strong safety culture, driven by an understanding and acceptance that the responsibility of health, safety and wellbeing rests with all Victoria Police employees
  • our managers, supervisors and employees will focus on healthy and safe behaviours and practices in the workplace and the community in which they serve


  • act with honesty, respecting the right of fair process for all
  • maintain confidentiality and respect those we deal with
  • demonstrate moral strength and courage
  • behave with honour and impartiality


  • are approachable and consistent when dealing with colleagues, partners and the community
  • apply fair process
  • strongly commit to the values of the organisation
  • guide, trust, develop and empower colleagues
  • make timely decisions that are guided by both values and evidence
  • inspire participation and commitment through a shared vision


  • are open minded and adaptive to change
  • adopt an attitude of continuous improvement
  • encourage creativity
  • build partnerships with our community
  • welcome difference
  • practise tolerance


  • accept diversity with tolerance and understanding
  • listen with patience, value opinions and provide feedback
  • are appreciative of and acknowledge the efforts of others
  • consider our internal and external customers
  • inspire confidence through ethical and fair treatment of others ensuring that our actions are not unlawfully discriminatory


  • recognise and reward service of employees
  • provide empathy in a timely and genuine manner
  • promote professional and career development
  • care for the wellbeing of colleagues


  • accept responsibility, show commitment and lead by example
  • achieve and contribute to the professional knowledge pool 
  • are accountable to both our internal and external customers
  • maintain high personal standards, taking pride in our appearance and conduct 
  • communicate openly, honestly and consistently
  • are transparent in our delivery and strive for service excellence

Our Commitment to Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, and ensuring healthy, safe and respectful workplaces, are integral to the achievement of our primary role: to deliver a safer Victoria.  This requires a strong safety culture, driven by an understanding and acceptance that the responsibility of health, safety and wellbeing rests with all Victoria Police employees. This necessitates the commitment of all managers, supervisors and employees to focus on healthy and safe behaviours and practices in the workplace.

Victoria Police's commitment to health, safety and wellbeing will be enhanced through the following priorities:

  • The Zero Harm strategy which strives to ensure every Victoria Police employee is personally committed to the health and safety of themselves, their fellow employees and the community in which they serve.
  • Responding to, and working with, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) in relation to the outcomes of the independent review into sexual harassment including sex discrimination and predatory behaviour by Victoria Police employees. Visit VEORHRC Review Response.
  • The development of an employee mental health strategy that will build our capability in dealing with mental health issues, as well as the development of a framework to address inappropriate workplace behaviour through proactive targeted interventions and support programs. Visit Mental Health Review webpage.


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Careers with Victoria Police

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People who want to be part of a dynamic organisation that is dedicated to making Victoria a safer place to work and live.

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