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Important advice regarding the importation of Imitation firearms

Release date: Fri 19 August 2011

Last updated: Tue 12 August 2014

From 1 July 2011, imitation firearms (longarms and handguns) will be treated as prohibited weapons in the State of Victoria and regulated under the Control of Weapons Act 1990. The following advice is provided to persons wishing to import imitation firearms.

Scenario 1: Imitation firearm(s) already imported and currently retained by the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service (Customs).

  1. Should you wish to make a claim for the seized imitation firearm(s) pending an application for a Chief Commissioner's Approval, refer to the Customs website Customs can usually retain goods for up to 3 months.
  2. Determine whether possession of the imitation firearm(s) would be authorised by a Governor in Council Exemption (GIC). Please refer to the Department of Justice website for further details
  3. If not covered by a GIC, it is recommended that an application is made for a Chief Commissioner's Prohibited Weapons Approval as soon as practicable. Application forms can be downloaded from the Victoria Police website beforehand to confirm eligibility requirements for such an Approval.
  4. If granted an Approval or covered by Exemption, the next step is to make an application to the Licensing and Regulation Division for a 'Police confirmation for the importation of Firearms and Parts B709A'. Applicants are strongly encouraged to provide pictures or reference material of the item(s) currently held at Customs, as this will be used to assist LRD to make an informed assessment and determination on the application.

Scenario 2: You hold the relevant approval or covered by an exemption and Intend to import an imitation firearm.

  1. Confirm that the item(s) to be imported fit into the definition of an imitation firearm.
  2. Complete an Application for Police confirmation for the importation of Firearms and Parts B709A and forward to the Licensing and Regulation Division together with pictures of the item(s) to assist LRD to make an informed assessment and determination on the item.

PLEASE NOTE: LRD advises that the necessary applications are made prior to importing the item as all associated costs are to be borne by the applicant, regardless of the outcome of the applications.

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