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Renewing a Private Security Licence or Registration

Release date: Tue 23 October 2012

Last updated: Mon 17 December 2018

A licence or registration holder must apply to renew their licence/registration before it expires. An offer to renew a licence or registration is automatically sent to the last recorded postal address approximately ten weeks before the expiry date of the licence/registration.

The renewal paperwork will consist of a pre-printed application form which must be completed and returned to the Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD) prior to the expiry of the licence or registration.

All of the following steps are required to confirm renewal of your licence/registration

1. Send your completed renewal application to the Licensing and Regulation Division

*IMPORTANT* Your completed renewal application must be received by LRD before the expiry date of your licence/registration. If it is not returned to LRD before your licence or registration you will no longer be considered a current licence or registration holder and will not be eligible to work until a new application has been received and approved by LRD.

Renewal applications can be returned to LRD via any of the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Postal address: Licensing & Regulation Division, GPO Box 2807, Melbourne, VIC 3001
  • Fax: (03) 9247 6485

2. Make payment for your licence renewal via BPAY or in person at a Westpac Bank branch

Instructions are included with your renewal notice.

3. Attend an authorised Photo Point to have your photo taken

You can find your nearest Photo Point here.

4. Work rights

When returning a renewal application to LRD, visa holders must attach information to demonstrate their work rights. If the Department of Immigration & Border Protection's Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system identifies that you do not have appropriate work rights for the private security industry, your renewal application will not be approved.

Individual licence or registration holders wanting to add a new private security activity must complete and submit an Application to Vary form with the renewal application paperwork. A copy of the relevant 'Statement of Results' must be provided for any licence activity/sub-activity. Information on training requirements can be found here.

If all the above steps have been completed, a licence or registration will be considered current beyond the expiry date until a decision is made on the renewal application. If no plastic licence or registration card is received within 28 days of expiry, licene or registration holders should confirm they have completed the above process by contact the Licensing & Regulation Division via email or by calling 1300 651 645.

Frequently asked questions regarding the renewal process

Can I continue to work past the expiry of my licence/registration if I have not received a new plastic card?

If you have completed all renewal steps listed above before the expiry date of your licence or registration, you may continue to work until you receive your new plastic licence in the mail.
Once you have made payment for your licence or registration and had your photo taken, your payment notice can be produced as an authority to work until your recieve your new plastic licence.

How long will it take to process my renewal application?

All applications are processed in the order that they are recieved by LRD. Processing timeframes for renewal applications vary but may extend up to 4 - 6 weeks. To ensure your plastic licence or registration continues to be valid beyond the printed expiry date, you must completed all of the renweal steps listed above before your licence or registration expires.

I have not received my renewal notice in the mail. What do I do?

Renewal paperwork for your licence or registration is posted to the postal address held by LRD ten weeks prior to the expiry of your licence or registration. If you have not received your renewal paperwork six weeks prior to the expiry date, we recommend you contact LRD on 1300 651 645.

If you have changed your postal address, you must notify LRD of your new details immediately in writing.

My licence or registration has expired and I have not lodged my paperwork. How do I renew an expired licence or registration?

You are unable to renew a private security licence or registration once it has expired. If you let your licence or registration expire you will need to apply for a new licence if you wish to continue working in the private security industry. Information regarding a new application can be found by clicking here.

Please note if your licence or registration expires before you lodge your renewal application you are no longer considered a current licence or registration holder and will not be eligible to work until a new application has been received and approved by LRD and you have received your new plastic licence.

What are the fees to renew my private security licence or registration?

For the current cost of a private security licence or registration in Victoria, click here.

Can I complete the renewal process early if I will be travelling interstate or overseas when my licence renewal is due?

No. Renewal documentation is automatically generated ten weeks prior to the expiry date of each licence or registration and cannot be generated any earlier.

If you will be overseas during this time and are unable to complete the renewal requirements within the allotted timeframe, please contact the LRD when you return to Australia so that we can advise you on the process required to regain your licence or registration.

If you are interstate at the time of renewal, special arrangements can be made. You should notify LRD at least six weeks prior to expiry and provide advice of an alternative address where we can send your renewal paperwork (this will ensure that you have adequate time to complete renewal requirements). Once you receive the renewal documentation:

  • Make payment by BPAY or at any branch of the Westpac Bank within Australia;
  • Download and complete an Unable to Attend Photopoint form; and
  • Return your completed renewal application form, together with your completed Unable to Attend Photopoint form to LRD, ensuring that it reaches LRD prior to the expiry of your licence or registration.

Please note: If you are interstate at the time of renewal and you have not yet completed the National Police Check / fingerprinting requirement, please refer to FAQ 'How do I complete the National Police Check / fingerprinting requirement if I live interstate?'

How do I have my photo taken for renewal of my licence if I live interstate?

If you live interstate at the time of renewing your licence/registration, please complete and submit an Unable to Attend Photopoint form.

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