Message from the Chief Commissioner

State Highway Patrol Solo Unit

Thu 31 October 2013

 Quick Facts:

  • The State Highway Patrol Solo Unit consists of a fleet of on road motorcycles and trail bikes
  • The Solo Unit was formed in 1979 to assist in lowering the road toll and in escorting important international guests
  • The primary role of the Solo Unit today is road policing within the State of Victoria
  • The Solo Unit consists of 1 Senior Sergeant, 3 Sergeants and 15 Senior Constables
  • The Solo Unit conducts traffic management for internationally important guests including the Queen and the royal family.
  • The Solo Unit utilises trail bikes to search for missing persons
  • The Solo Unit is involved in the traffic management of cycling events and races
  • The Solo Unit Training Wing is responsible for all motorcycle training within Victoria Police
  • To ride a police motorcycle, police members must successfully complete a 4 week motorcycle course
  • Currently there is only one female police member that is qualified to ride a police motorcycle




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