Message from the Chief Commissioner

Divisional Van

Thu 14 November 2013

Divisional Van Main Image

The Divisional Van is one of the many vehicles Victoria Police officers use to patrol our streets.

The great thing about this van is that it has a special area at the back of it which can hold people who have been arrested.

The Divisional van has lots of cool features which help police while they are taking a prisoner back to the police station.

These include:

  • Temperature control - so the prisoners don't get too hot or cold.
  • Intercom - this allows police officers to speak to prisoners during the ride.
  • Reverse camera - to help police reverse safely. 
  • Head rests - this helps improve the safety of prisoners while the vehicle is moving.
  • Water bottle - this can be used to wash hands or eyes of prisoners and police if needed.
  • Fire extinguisher - just in case!
  • GPS device - to help police get to locations fast.  
  • Rear protective step - to help prisoners get in and out of the vehicle safely.


Divisional%20van%20and%20truck Divisional%20Van_Radio Divisional%20Van%201 Street_Divisional%20Van

Fact: We are so busy at Victoria Police; we carry out more than three million random booze bus tests each year!

Fact: There are over 2300 vehicles in the Victoria Police fleet.


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