Message from the Chief Commissioner

Safety Tips

Thu 14 November 2013

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At Victoria Police our main priority is keeping you and your family and friends safe.

There are more than 5 million people living in Victoria and almost 14,000 Victoria Police members working across the state so it is very difficult for us to make sure everyone is safe all the time.

That's why we need your help.

There are a few basic things you can do everyday to keep you safe when we are not there. 

Why not try this Word search puzzle to discover our safety tips?

All you have to do is find the missing words - they could be up/down/diagonal or backwards.

Good luck!

  1. Do not talk to _____
  2. Keep your facebook profile on _____
  3. Always _____ across the road
  4. Wear a _____ when riding your bike
  5. Always wear a _____ when travelling in a car
  6. Do not dive in the _____ end of a pool
  7. At the beach always swim between the _____
  8. Always walk on the _____  not the road
 W  K  P  P  A  T  H  F  D  Z
 J  S  T  R  A N  G  E  R S
 J  A  O  I  L  T  S  I  C  X
 W  A  A  V  E  G  R  F  F
 O  Q  E  A  O  S  A  T  E  L
 L  A  S  T  E  M  L  E  H  O
 L  P  I  E  F  G  F  N  M  B
 A  T  P  F  S  E  W  M  A  W
 H  E  T  R  W  A  L  K  Y  H
 S  E  A  T  B  E  L  T  W  T


Click for safety tips when you are out and about

Click for tips on safety in the water 

Click here for tips on bullying



Fact: Emergency vehicles have red and blue flashing lights because the blue lights are easier to see during the day and the red lights are easier to see at night.



  1. strangers
  2. private
  3. walk
  4. helmet
  5. seatbelt
  6. shallow
  7. flags
  8. path


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