Message from the Chief Commissioner

Initiatives and Programs

Release date: Mon 19 August 2013

Last updated: Thu 26 July 2018

 Initiatives and Programs

Body Worn Camera Pilot

Victoria Police Partysafe Program


A body worn camera is a small camera worn on the uniform of police officers. It is used to gather video and audio evidence.


Learn how to plan and host a safe party and register with the Victoria Police Partysafe Program.


Bushfire Arson



 Learn about how you can help prevent bushfire arson and its devastating impact on the community


 Local solutions for local problems. Keep up to date with the local police on Facebook in your area.                                           


Safe Space

 Youth Initiatives and Programs


Safe Space is available to current and former Victoria Police employees and their families, providing confidential help and information for victims/targets of workplace harm, such as sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour.


Victoria Police is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of young people throughout the state.


Operation SAFEPL8


Number plate theft is a serious offence. Secure your number plates and don't give crime a free ride.

Contact Card


A contact card is a new resource that police and protective Service Officers can use to provide their details and information on support services to members of the community


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