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Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Release date: Mon 7 October 2013

Last updated: Thu 4 June 2015

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Crime Prevention Fact Sheets

Every day there are simple things each of us can do to prevent crime and stay safe. These Fact Sheets are designed to let you know what simple steps you can take to keep yourself, your family and your community safe.

Each Fact Sheet includes a number of key messages, and some include checklists to assist you.

Read each Fact Sheet, follow the advice and explore the additional resources if you'd like to know more.


Preventing Theft from Motor Vehicles - English (PDF)


Preventing Burglaries from Homes - English (PDF)


Preventing Theft of Motor Vehicles - English (PDF)


Preventing Burglaries During Holidays - English (PDF)


Preventing Number Plate Theft - English (PDF)


Protecting Yourself from Online Crime - English (PDF)


Personal Safety on a Night Out - English (PDF)


Protecting Yourself from Theft in Public - English (PDF)



Crime Prevention Campaigns

Given the known impacts of high volume crimes and the high offence rates, Victoria Police is working in partnership with the Department of Justice and Regulation to deliver a High Volume Crime Prevention Campaign.

The campaign is called Help Yourself and targets the following high volume crimes: residential burglary and theft from motor vehicle, with a secondary focus on personal theft.

The campaign aims to:

  • reduce crime rates for high volume crimes in the pilot period
  • increase awareness about crime prevention, safety and security
  • improve community engagement and participation in taking preventative steps to secure their homes, vehicles and personal belongings.

Visit for more information.

Crime Prevention Officers

Each police division has its own Crime Prevention Officer (CPO). The CPO acts as a liaison officer to individuals and community groups. They provide advice and suggest remedies to local community safety problems.

What services do we offer?

  • Consultation with local communities.
  • An analysis of crime trends and statistics.
  • The use of a problem solving approach to crime reduction.
  • "A thorough knowledge of available options and strategies and their appropriate implementation.

The majority of CPOs have also been trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The CPTED course provides material and training necessary for the provision of CPTED services at a local level.

The CPTED philosophy recognises that we, as a community, can design our public and private places in ways that prevent criminal activity. CPTED training is at the forefront of proactive policing initiatives and demonstrates Victoria Police's commitment to public safety.



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