Message from the Chief Commissioner

Sergeant Victoria Shield

Wed 16 October 2013

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Hello boys and girls and welcome to the Victoria Police Kids' Website.

You will be seeing quite a lot of me here so I thought I'd just share a couple of things about myself with you.

My mum and dad named me Victoria after the beautiful state in which we live and it's pretty cool that my name is also the name of the place I work - Victoria Police!

My last name is Shield which means protected from danger or risk. There is also a shield on the sleeve of the Victoria Police uniform. Can you see it on me?

As a Sergeant my main role is to supervise the Constables and Senior Constables who work at the police station and make sure everyone is doing their job safely and effectively.

I am usually based at the station but when there is a major crime or accident I make sure I am at the scene to lead the team and help to get the job done.

During my time at Victoria Police I have had so many different experiences, from attending ceremonies like National Police Remembrance Day, arresting criminals and assisting with major road accidents.

Everyday is different to the last and I love it!

Well, that's about it from me, I will see you soon.



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