Message from the Chief Commissioner

Senior Constable Mike Safe

Wed 16 October 2013

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Hi Kids!

My name is Senior Constable Mike Safe and I am so excited to help you explore the Victoria Police Kids' Website!

Let me tell you a bit about me.

My birth name is Michael but all of my friends call me Mike, so you can call me that too.

I was named after St Michael who was the patron saint of police hundreds of years ago.

Back in those days St Michael was known as a saint who protected police, so he must have been a great guy if you ask me!  

My surname is Safe and means to be protected from danger which is a great name for a Victoria Police member, don't you think?

Staying safe is very important to me and helping to keep the community safe what I strive to do everyday.

I love being part of a big team here at Victoria Police and I just can't wait to show you all the really cool things I get to see and do in my job and how Victoria Police officers help keep you safe (get it? Safe like my surname!)


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