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Victoria Police Partysafe Program

Release date: Mon 18 December 2017

Last updated: Thu 2 August 2018

What is the Victoria Police Partysafe Program?

The Victoria Police Partysafe Program is about minimising the risks to safety at parties such as violence, intoxicated guests, or gatecrashers so that hosts and their guests can stay safe and have fun.

The program allows you to register your party with the police online or at your local police station.

The registration form is important to ensure police are aware of the event and can provide timely assistance if things start to get out of hand.

Ways to register   

There are several ways to register your party.


You can register with Service Victoria, which the Victorian Government has created to make it simpler and easier for you to get things done.


You can also register using the Victoria Police Partysafe Program Online Form 

At your local police station

Please be mindful that late party registrations may impact on Victoria Police's ability to manage your party information. It is advised that you register at least one week prior to the party.

Please note that, due to the dynamic nature of calls for police service, registering your party with Victoria Police cannot guarantee that police will check on the progress of your party as a matter of course.

Related Information

When you register, consider the following:

  • The number of people likely to attend your party
  • If there will be alcohol
  • Informing your neighbours
  • Obtaining consent from the parents or guardians of underage drinkers
  • Responsible serving and provision of alcohol
  • Adult supervision or appropriate security
  • A medical emergency plan
  • Please try to register your party at least one week before it is being held

Always remember, if you are unable to handle the situation, call police on Triple Zero (000).


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