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Compliments and Complaints

Release date: Wed 19 March 2008

Last updated: Thu 23 February 2017

Compliments and Complaints against police 

Victoria Police strives to provide the highest level of police service to the community. Policing is a difficult and complex job in today's society and mistakes can be made. At times the actions of police can fall short of your expectations.

At other times the service will meet or exceed your expectations and you may wish to compliment a police officer or employee of Victoria Police. 

Making a Compliment

In order to continue to provide quality service to the community, Victoria Police need assistance, and while personnel are valued any recognition of their good work and efforts is greatly appreciated.

Victoria Police welcomes constructive feedback on the performance of personnel so that it can continue to provide or improve the level of service provided to you.

If you wish to compliment the actions of a police officer or any police personnel, you may do so by writing a letter to the Station Commander in charge of the police station in your area or to the Chief Commissioner of Police. Contact your local police station.

Alternatively, you can complete an 'online compliment form', and we will ensure your comments are passed on to the member of police personnel and their manager. 

Disputing an infringement notice

If you wish to dispute an Infringement Notice and there is no police misconduct, refer to the three options on the reverse of your notice or contact Civic Compliance on Metropolitan: (03) 9200 8111 or Regional: 1300 369 819, Monday - Friday 8am to 9pm (except public holidays) or visit

Making a Complaint

The majority of complaints Victoria Police receive relate to communication and customer service issues involving matters such as rudeness, poor attitude and practice, careless or poor service or a failure to adequately explain police procedures.

To make a complaint about a communication or customer service issue, you are encouraged to contact your nearest police station or the police station the officer is from, in person, by telephone or in writing. Contact your Local Police Station. Depending on the issues you raise, local police may be able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction or it may require further investigation.

If you consider the matter to be of a serious nature such as excessive or unreasonable use of force, dishonesty, threats or harassment or unlawful arrest, or you would prefer to make your complaint to the Police Conduct Unit, a complaint can be made personally or through an advocate:

  • by telephone or in person to any police station, who will forward the complaint to the Police Conduct Unit
  • by completing the online complaint form, or if you are unable to submit your complaint online, please download and complete the Compliments and Complaints Form (PDF).
  • by calling the Police Conduct Unit on 1300 363 101 or
  • in writing to:

Police Conduct Unit
GPO Box 913
Melbourne Vic 3001
E-mail: Police Compliments and Complaints

Information about the complaint process is available in English and in other languages below.

Arabic Arabic%20-%20make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police Greek Greek_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police Punjabi Punjabi_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police
Bosnian Bosnian_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police Hindi Hindi_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police Russian Russian_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police
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Farsi Farsi_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police Polish Polish_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police Vietnamese Vietnamese_Make%20a%20complaint%20about%20police

Easy English - Making a complaint

An Easy English guide containing information about the complaint process is available here.

Assistance with Communication

 Interpreter, National Relay Service and other assistance is available to meet your communication needs.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

You may prefer to speak with a Police Aboriginal Liaison Officer at the Police Conduct Unit, or

You may choose to make your complaint to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) through the website 'Report Racism'. Through this website Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members can report any incident of race discrimination or to report on treatment they have received by police.

Website: Report Racism 

Non-English speakers   


Victoria Police provides a translating and interpreting service for people who do not speak English or prefer to communicate in their own language.

If you require the use of a translating and interpreting service you are welcome to request this when you call the Police Conduct Unit on 1300 363 101.

Alternatively you have the option of phoning the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) directly and organising translating services for when you speak with the Police Conduct Unit.

Phone TIS directly on 13 14 50 or visit their website


Deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired


If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, please contact us through the National Relay Service. Give the NRS the number for the Police Conduct Unit 1300 363 101. For more information, visit

Helpful information to include in your complaint

Helpful information to include in your complaint:

  • date, time and location of the incident
  • brief description of the incident
  • name and registered number of any police personnel
  • name, address and telephone number of any witnesses, and
  • if relevant, vehicle registration and type of police vehicle/s involved.

If you are making a written complaint keep a copy of the letter you send. If you are making a report by telephone, record the time, date and the name of the person you spoke to and what they agreed to do.

If you have further information or you have changed your mind please do not hesitate to contact the Police Conduct Unit.

Support and Assistance

During the course of your complaint being actioned by Victoria Police you will be offered regular updates unless you ask not to receive them. You may also be offered a referral to a support agency in relation to your issue or other support needs you may have. If you feel you would benefit from support of this type, do not hesitate to contact Professional Standards Command on 1300 363 101 for advice and assistance.

Alternatively, you may be eligible to access support through the independent helpline provided by the Victim's Support Agency on free call 1800 819 817. The helpline is available from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm, 7 days a week and trained call-takers are available to respond to any health or welfare concerns you may have.

Taskforce Salus

Taskforce Salus was established to identify and investigate sexual predatory behaviour and serious sexual harassment and discrimination allegations made against current or former Police, Protective Services Officers and Victorian Public Service staff.

There are processes in place to ensure confidentiality consistent with the Protected Disclosures Act to protect the identity of reporting individuals. If you prefer, anonymous information may also be provided.

Taskforce Salus Confidential Contact Options
Phone: 03 8327 6845

Victoria Police Centre
G.P.O Box 913
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Alternate organisations to whom you can make your complaint

Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC)

Complaints made about Victoria Police are subject to external oversight, review and/or audit by the IBAC.

If you are not happy with the outcome or the manner in which your complaint was handled, you can contact IBAC who may take further action or refer the matter back to police for consideration of further investigation.

Alternatively, you may prefer to complain directly to IBAC, who can be contacted:

Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission
Postal address: GPO Box 24234, Melbourne VIC 3001
Street address: Level 1, North Tower, 459 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 1300 735 135
Fax: (03) 8635 6444

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC)

In relation to matters concerning racism, discrimination or vilification (racial / religious), you may prefer to make your complaint through the VEOHRC, who can be contacted:

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
Level 3, 204 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 3053
Phone: 1300 891 848
Fax: 1300 891 858

Compliment and Complaint Form

Making a false complaint or creating a false belief may be an offence under the Crimes Act 1958 or the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Act 2011. 

The following documents will provide more detailed information to assist in the complaint process:

If at any stage you wish to withdraw your complaint please notify the Police Conduct Unit with your intention as soon as possible.


Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Feedback Option


Contact Details


Incident Details


Submit Form


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Please note compulsory(*) fields must be completed before the form can be submitted.

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