Anonymous reporting and safety plans

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There are community services available to you that allow for anonymous reporting. These services also specialise in providing advice to assist with improving your safety through safety planning and can provide counselling support or further referral assistance.

The following agencies will assist you on an anonymous basis:

Anonymous complaints can also be made directly to the SOFVU, Professional Standards Command and IBAC.

Safety Plans

A safety plan is a set of actions that can help you lower your risk of being hurt by a family member. It includes information specific to you and your personal circumstances that will increase your safety.

Safety planning is a way to work on increasing safety when someone is experiencing family violence. The best way to make a safety plan is with the help of a support service. If you report family violence or sexual assault to Victoria Police, the investigator as part of risk assessment and investigation planning, will prioritise your safety needs. At SOFVU, a victim management plan will be drafted with the assistance of the Witness Support Unit. Ask your investigator for information and options that may assist in your own safety planning strategies.

Advice for safety planning can also be found on the 1800Respect website.