Reporting in person at multidisciplinary centres

Multidisciplinary Centres

There are several multidisciplinary centres (MDCs) across Victoria. These sites collocate a range of agencies in the one building to provide a victim-centred, integrated and holistic response to victim survivors of sexual assault, child abuse and, in some locations, family violence too. 

These agencies include:

  • Victoria Police specialist investigators (SOCITs and in some locations FVIUs)
  • Child Protection staff from Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, counsellors and advocates from sexual assault 
  • Family violence response services and community health nurses. 

Some MDCs also have forensic medical officers attend from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) who may be able to provide expert forensic opinions or undertake forensic examinations on-site to support police investigations.

MDC buildings are deliberately located away from police stations and are carefully designed to provide a safe, welcoming and confidential environment for you and your support people. MDCs are discreetly located with minimal external signage to enhance the privacy and security of clients.

Extensive consideration is given to ensure that the buildings are culturally respectful, support your wellbeing, are accessible and facilitate a high level of confidentiality. Police officers working from the MDC are not in uniform. All agencies located within the MDC work together to ensure they provide a victim-centric and holistic response.

MDCs are a ‘one stop shop’ providing safe and discreet access to:

  • Specially trained police investigators
  • Counselling and advocacy support
  • Private counselling rooms and group therapy spaces
  • Video audio recorded evidence (VARE) rooms where child victim survivors and adults with cognitive impairments can provide their statement to police
  • Clinic rooms where victims can have their general health and wellbeing needs assessed by qualified community health nurses
  • Treatment programs for children and young people up to 18 years of age who are displaying or engaging in sexually abusive behaviours
  • Forensic medical suites (at some locations) to enable forensic examinations on site
  • Remote witness facilities (at some locations) so you can provide your evidence to court. 

For more information refer to the MDC information sheet.

When you attend or contact an MDC to make a report, please ask to speak to the officer in charge (OIC) or any available detective sergeant on duty at the time.

After speaking with you, police will refer you to additional crisis support services.

It is best to ring the MDC ahead of your visit so the right services can be coordinated to assist you.