Interim action

Suspending or Transferring Victoria Police Employees

Interim action is the process undertaken by Victoria Police to direct an employee to take leave, suspend them or transfer them to another work location or alternative duties.

Any Victoria Police employee who is under criminal or discipline investigation can be subjected to a direction by the interim action process.

The Assistant Commissioner, Professional Standards Command, decides what action is undertaken for all police and protective services officers for interim action. The Director, Workplace Relations Department, decides what action is taken against a Victorian Public Service employee under interim action.

In considering interim action the Assistant Commissioner or Director evaluates your view or concerns, seriousness of the allegations, strength of the evidence, community expectations, impact on the reputation of Victoria Police and the risk to you, the community and Victoria Police if the Victoria Police employee remains in the workplace.

If the Victoria Police employee is suspended, it can be with pay or without pay. Once suspended, their access to police systems, facilities and operational equipment is restricted.

Victoria Police’s primary concern is your safety and that of your children. If you have concerns regarding loss of family income, you can speak to your investigator about the interim action process. As part of the welfare and support assessment, investigators can assist you to make referrals to support agencies for financial assistance. You can also speak to your witness support worker regarding referrals and assistance options.