Reporting via online portal or website

Police Conduct Unit, Professional Standards Command

All reports made against Victoria Police employees are recorded by the Police Conduct Unit.

The Police Conduct Unit will review and assess the complaint, before allocating the complaint to either a qualified regional investigator or a specialist unit such as SOFVU.

The Police Conduct Unit can be contacted as follows:

If you are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent you may request to directly speak with a Police Aboriginal Liaison Officer at the Police Conduct Unit.

When you contact the Police Conduct Unit, they will ask you for a lot of information about when and where things happened.

It is helpful to have information about any witnesses, vehicle registrations or other supporting documents available to help us assess your complaint quickly.

Reporting Directly to a Specialist Unit

Sexual Offences and Family Violence Unit (SOFVU), Professional Standards Command

The Sexual Offences and Family Violence Unit (SOFVU), formally known as Taskforce Salus, specialise in the investigation of sexual offences and family violence committed by police employees.

SOFVU offers independent and specialist resourcing to keep you safe and your information secure.

SOFVU investigators maintain objectivity and ensure there is no bias towards police. By adopting a victim-centric approach, SOFVU investigators seek to minimise re-traumatisation associated with the reporting and investigation by focusing on your needs, privacy and safety.

The types of matters that SOFVU can investigate include family violence which are of a complex nature and/or involves criminal (serious indictable) offences perpetrated by Victoria Police employees.

Complex family violence investigations include any incident where:

  • strangulation is alleged
  • repeat family violence behaviours by the employee is alleged
  • there is a need for independence to manage a conflict of interest
  • there is a requirement for a confidential investigation.

SOFVU also investigate Victoria Police employees who commit sexual offences, stalking, any intimate relationship the police employee has formed using their position as a Victoria Police employee (misconduct in public office) and serious misconduct involving sexual harassment (predatory behaviour).

If your matter does not fit the SOFVU criteria it will be allocated to a qualified regional investigator by the Police Conduct Unit. This may be a detective at a Family Violence Investigation Unit (FVIU), Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit (SOCIT) or a uniform member above the rank of sergeant.

All investigations allocated to qualified regional investigators require Professional Standards Command oversight to ensure there is no conflict of interest and that the investigation is appropriately managed.

SOFVU investigators can be contacted to provide advice on investigations involving police employees regardless of who your matter is allocated to.

Contact SOFVU:

Witness Support Unit - SOFVU

Support and welfare are vital ingredients in assisting you to manage your situation. The SOFVU Witness Support Unit (WSU) employs dedicated and experienced workers who are trained to provide specialised assistance in these types of matters. Their role is to support you. They also assist the investigators in developing a management plan to ensure you are safe and supported.

Although SOFVU WSU predominately support SOFVU investigations they can provide support to you if your matter is investigated by a regional investigator. Speak to your investigator or to SOFVU if you are seeking additional support.