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How we can help

Our Police Assistance Line and online reporting service allows you to contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

General enquiries

Contact us for all non-urgent enquiries and we'll provide info on how we can help.

COVID-19 breaches

Report a suspected breach of public health restrictions, such as: isolation, mass gathering and business breaches.

Coronavirus and staying safe

Information on travel restrictions, work permits and updates.

Online reporting

Report theft, lost and damaged property, hosting a party and absence from home online 24/7.

Family violence

Find your local police station to speak with a police office or family violence liaison officer.

Fingerprinting and national police checks

Information on Fingerprinting and national police checks.

Report scams and fraud

Report fraud related offences including cyber crime, bank fraud and scams.

Burglary and theft

Call to report theft of motor vehicles, a burglary (whilst no one was home) or property theft or damage.

Police Assistance Line (131 444)

You can call 131 444 to report some non-urgent crime and events anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Examples of non-urgent crimes and events include:

  • burglary including at a commercial property or a home with no occupant present
  • theft (including theft of a motor vehicle)
  • property damage
  • lost property
  • COVID-19 breaches that are happening now.

The Police Assistance Line cannot assist with urgent matters, including family violence, assaults or a crime that is happening at the time of reporting.

All calls to the Police Assistance Line are recorded and retained by Victoria Police. This is both for training and, if required, for policing purposes.

Online reporting  

You can report online to:

You will receive an acknowledgement which will include support information and a police reference number, either by post or by email, once we have processed your telephone report.

The online reporting website is built using responsive web design, which means it is accessible on any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Local police station enquiries

If you need to speak with a police officer in person, please visit your local station

  • talk to a particular member at the station
  • family violence-related enquiries
  • fraud-related offences including cybercrime, bank fraud and scams
  • traffic-related matters including collisions, animals on highways, blocked driveways.


Reviewed 26 August 2021

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