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Victoria Police has committed to a target of 6% employment of people with disability by 2020 within the Victorian Public Services roles, and 12% by 2025.

We aim to be an employer of choice where meaningful employment opportunities are equally accessible for people with disability and we embrace the unique skills and abilities in a welcoming, inclusive and supportive workplace.

Employment pathways

Each year Victoria Police employs graduates with disability through the disability pathway of the Victorian Government Graduate Program. For more information see

In recruitment

From advertisement through to starting in a new role, applicants can seek reasonable adjustment to ensure the recruitment process allows all prospective applicants an equal opportunity to demonstrate that they are the best person for the job. For further information contact

On the Job

The Employee Accessibility Advocacy Network (EAAN) is the voice of Victoria Police employees with disability. The Network is comprised of employees with disability and their supporters, including police members, Protective Services Officers (PSO) and Victoria Public Servants (VPS) from across Victoria.

Victoria Police has a Reasonable Workplace Adjustment policy to improve its capacity to employ, develop and retain people with disabilities. In addition, Victoria Police has a practice guide to support understanding and ensure compliance with policy.

All Victoria Police staff are invited to our annual celebration of International Day of People with Disability. The event includes an award ceremony to recognise Victoria Police employees, police stations or work units that have provided outstanding service to people with disability.

Contact us

For further information on opportunities or supports for people with disability within Victoria Police please contact call 03 9247 6895

Please Note: Candidates with disability may not be eligible for Police, Protective Services Officer (PSO) and Police Custody Officer (PCO) roles. The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 allows exemptions where it is reasonably necessary to protect the health or safety of any person or of the public. Please ensure you meet the entry requirements of the Police, PSO or PCO roles before you apply. If you are unsure, please complete a Preliminary Medical Condition Enquiry to before applying.

Reviewed 10 May 2019