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Victorian Public Service employees – our values

Victoria Police enjoys considerable community trust and satisfaction. The following Organisational Values underpin Victoria Police’s policies, procedures and practices and how employees interact with the community and each other.


  • the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, and ensuring healthy, safe and respectful workplaces, are integral to the success of Victoria Police
  • a strong safety culture, driven by an understanding and acceptance that the responsibility of health, safety and wellbeing rests with all Victoria Police employees
  • our managers, supervisors and employees will focus on healthy and safe behaviours and practices in the workplace and the community in which they serve


  • act with honesty, respecting the right of fair process for all
  • maintain confidentiality and respect those we deal with
  • demonstrate moral strength and courage
  • behave with honour and impartiality


  • are approachable and consistent when dealing with colleagues, partners and the community
  • apply fair process
  • strongly commit to the values of the organisation
  • guide, trust, develop and empower colleagues
  • make timely decisions that are guided by both values and evidence
  • inspire participation and commitment through a shared vision


  • are open minded and adaptive to change
  • adopt an attitude of continuous improvement
  • encourage creativity
  • build partnerships with our community
  • welcome difference
  • practise tolerance


  • accept diversity with tolerance and understanding
  • listen with patience, value opinions and provide feedback
  • are appreciative of and acknowledge the efforts of others
  • consider our internal and external customers
  • inspire confidence through ethical and fair treatment of others ensuring that our actions are not unlawfully discriminatory


  • recognise and reward service of employees
  • provide empathy in a timely and genuine manner
  • promote professional and career development
  • care for the wellbeing of colleagues


  • accept responsibility, show commitment and lead by example
  • achieve and contribute to the professional knowledge pool
  • are accountable to both our internal and external customers
  • maintain high personal standards, taking pride in our appearance and conduct
  • communicate openly, honestly and consistently
  • are transparent in our delivery and strive for service excellence

Reviewed 03 January 2020

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