Prepare for the Victoria Police fitness test with exclusive videos on how to perform each fitness component, training programs and more.

The POLICE FIT app is a free training tool exclusive to Victoria Police.

Police officers need to maintain a healthy level of cardio fitness and physical strength in order to meet the physical requirements of the job. As part of the recruitment process, you will be required to undertake a fitness test.

The POLICE FIT app is designed to help prepare you for the fitness test to improve your chances of passing. We’ve created more tips, more workouts, and more resources to give you the best chance of success.

Download the POLICE FIT app

The app is currently available for both Apple and Android phones. 

It is free to download and totally advertisement free.

Download the POLICE FIT app on the App Store

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Features of the POLICE FIT app

The app includes new strength, body weight and running workouts which can be customed to suit your fitness level.

Features include:

  • exclusive instructive fitness component videos
  • official fitness programs
  • preparation guides
  • entrance exam tutorials
  • information sessions
  • healthy meal ideas
  • tools to measure your progress
  • tips to complete and prepare for each fitness test
  • other hints and tips.

Getting started

All you need to get started is the POLICE FIT app - and the motivation to succeed.

Download the POLICE FIT app via the App Store or Google Play and start your training today.