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Training for police officers

Learn about the training you will take to become a police officer with Victoria Police.

As a result of the ongoing presence of COVID-19, changes have occurred to the delivery and assessment of the Police Foundation program. Further information will be provided prior to commencing your training at the Academy.

Your journey to becoming part of Victoria Police begins at the Victoria Police Academy, Glen Waverley with 31 weeks structured training. While you will be paid from day one of your training, you will need dedication and commitment to succeed in a structured training environment.

What to expect

We believe reward comes from effort, the training you will undertake is comprehensive and both physically and academically challenging. You may need to undertake additional study in the evenings and maintain your fitness outside of class times.

You can expect this to be an intense and demanding period of your life therefore during this time support from family and friends is important.

Your experience at the Academy will expose you to learning from specialist lecturers, reality-based training, simulations, eLearning, practical scenarios, case studies and problem-based learning to develop into a operationally ready first responder with Victoria Police.

The usual training hours at the Academy are:

  • 7.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday
  • You are expected to be in uniform by 7.00am
  • These hours may be subject to variations including, but not limited to:
  • Police Graduation Days 7.00am to 2.20pm (every second Thursday)
  • Afternoon shifts - Weeks 18, 20 and 24 1:20pm to 8:40pm (subject to time variations)

'On the job' Dedicated Training Workplace field placements (weeks 13, 21, 22, 23, 28). Hours are subject to work location rostering

For these shift variations, police recruits who have carer or other responsibilities may need to secure additional support as required.

Structure of the Police Foundation Training Program

Your initial training with Victoria Police is undertaken within the first 2 years and 13 weeks of your employment. 

Structure of training

  • Your first week at the Academy will be an induction week which is dedicated to introducing recruits to the Victoria Police and Academy environments. Recruits will be familiarised with the values, ethics, roles and responsibilities of being a member of Victoria Police.

    They will also be provided with information regarding assessments and preparation for learning.

  • Your training will consist of subjects including (but not limited to):

    • law
    • communication skills
    • drill
    • operational safety tactics (including firearms)
    • family violence response
    • community engagement
    • road policing.

    After successful completion of all Week 1 to 12 assessment requirements, you will be sworn in as a Constable of Police at the end of week 12. At this time, you will be enrolled into POL50118 Diploma of Policing; this qualification is issued by Victoria Police Registered Training Organisation RTOID:4578.

  • One week of Dedicated Training Workplace field placement.

    This 'on the job' experience will allow you to participate in the day to day business of police station duties including assisting the community at the police station counter.

    One week of recreational leave.

  • Your training continues at the Academy, where you will build on your existing knowledge and skills that enhance your ability to perform the role of a police officer, including:

    • suspect interviewing
    • public order
    • active armed offender.
  • Two weeks of Dedicated Training Workplace field placement.

    This ‘on the job’ experience will provide exposure to public order response, attendance at demonstrations, sporting events and provide opportunities to engage with the community.

    One week of recreational leave.

  • Your training continues at the Academy, where you will build on your existing knowledge and skills that enhance your ability to perform the role of a police officer, including:

    • Family Violence
    • Road Policing.
  • One week of Dedicated Training Workplace field placement.

    During this ‘on the job’ training you will be exposed to working as a first responder to police incidents and emergencies and be immersed in the roles and responsibilities of a general duties police officer.

  • These are the final stages of your Academy based training. In this time, you will consolidate your existing knowledge and skills that enhance your ability to perform the role of a police officer.

    After successful completion of all assessment requirements from week 1 to 31, you will march out from the Victoria Police Academy in a formal graduation ceremony.

  • Your ‘on the job’ learning experience continues with post Academy placements including; performing duties at a police station as a first responder, with Victoria Police Highway Patrols and Road Policing, Drug and Alcohol Section.

  • You will be deployed to a permanent training station where you will perform the role of a general duties police officer. Through this period your skills and knowledge will be enriched through the completion of ‘on the job’ tasks and driver training.

    At the end of this period, if you have completed all of the requirements for the Diploma of Policing, you are confirmed in your role as a Police Constable and receive your Diploma.

    This initial training is just the beginning; as a Victoria Police member, you will continue to undergo job-specific training throughout your career.

    Upon appointment to Victoria Police, you may be deployed to any location within the state as determined by operational needs.

Accommodation at the Academy 

It is not compulsory to live-in while training, however, if you live more than 40 km from the Academy and if you choose to do so, you will have dormitory-style accommodation, meals from Monday to Friday, computer access, extensive physical training facilities and an environment conducive to study. Recruits residing within the Academy during their training period will be required to pay a fee which is currently set at $492.80 per fortnight and includes meals and accommodation.

The Academy Smoking Policy provides for a smoke-free environment for all employees at Victoria Police Academy, except for two designated smoking points. This applies to all employees, visitors and contractors while on the Academy premises. Smoking is only be permitted during designated breaks at the nominated smoking points.

Reviewed 05 July 2021

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