Medical guidelines for applicants

How to check our guidelines to see if a medical condition will affect your application to Victoria Police.

Working with Victoria Police is fast-paced and can be physically demanding. 

You must meet a standard of medical requirements to be successful. This ensures you are able to serve the community safely and effectively. 

Consulting the medical guidelines

The below guidelines address some common medical conditions and queries you may have before you apply.

They cover what reports you may need to submit alongside your application. They also tell you what is required to clear your medical assessment.

You must consult these guidelines when applying for a position as a:

  • police officer
  • protective services officer (PSO) 
  • police custody officer (PCO)

False, incomplete or misleading information 

You must be honest in all information you share in your application and submitted forms. 

If you submit incorrect, misleading or false information about your medical history: 

  • we may cancel your application, or 
  • we may apply an exclusion period to your application.   


Bones, breaks and strains

Eyesight, glasses and colour blindness


Height and weight

Specific conditions

Hepatitis B

When you apply, you must provide a report showing that:

  • you have started the Hepatitis B vaccination process or
  • you have immunity to Hepatitis B


Hearing aids

You can apply if you use hearing aids. 

You must provide a report from your treating audiologist three months after your first use. 

Transgender applicants

Transgender applicants are welcome. All applicants are assessed on an individual basis.

Learn more about how we value diversity and our Victoria Police LGBTIQA+ employee networks.

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) claims

We recommend that you finalise any pending DVA claims before you apply.

Questions and Preliminary enquiry of medical condition form

If your concerns about a pre-existing medical condition are not addressed above, you can submit a Preliminary enquiry of medical condition form.

Preliminary Medical Condition Enquiry - police officer, PSO and PCO
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Email your form to the Victoria Police Medical Advisory Unit at

If you have further questions, get in touch with the Victoria Police Medical Advisory Unit by: