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Victorian Public Service employees – selection process

Learn about the selection process when applying for a Victorian Public Service role with Victoria Police.

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Victoria Police employs a variety of Victorian Public Service (VPS) positions across the state, providing essential support to police officers, Protective Services Officers and Police Custody Officers in a range of challenging roles.

Opportunities exist in areas ranging from human resource management, finance and procurement, legal services, information technology, administration support, and many more specialist roles such as fingerprint experts, analysts, forensic scientists and officers.

Current VPS vacancies within Victoria Police are advertised at Victorian Government Careers

We encourage you to sign-up for Victoria Police job alerts via the above link.

You will need to 'Register' or 'Log-in' and then select 'My Job Alerts' to set up your search criteria. Select 'Victoria Police' in the 'Department/Agency' drop down box along with any other preferred criteria, select 'Test Profile' to test your search, if you are happy with the search parameter, click 'Save'.

It is important when submitting an application with Victoria Police to ensure that you take note of any mandatory requirements outlined in the position description and job advertisement including drivers or forklift licences, citizenship status, relevant qualifications or certificates and work location.

Shortlist and interview

Selection panels assess all applications to determine those who progress to the interview stage. Applicants who are unsuccessful at this stage will be notified via email.

All applicants who progress to the interview stage will be contacted by phone and will receive an email confirmation. This email will include details of your interview and all relevant documents. We will try to accommodate reasonable adjustments to the scheduling of the interview.

The selection panel will represent a gender balance and include someone from the hiring area as well as other Victoria Police staff. All selection panels are required to include an independent panel member who does not work in the hiring area.

During the interview, the selection panel will ask you a series of motivational, behavioural and technical questions which will help the panel assess your suitability for the position. The interview structure, duration and number of questions asked will vary depending on the position which you have applied for.

Background checks

All applicants who progress to the next stage of the process will be required to undergo a number of background checks, including reference checks, national name and police check including fingerprinting, declarable associations and solvency checks prior to employment.

Progressing to undergo background checks does not guarantee an offer of employment.

Offer of employment

Where applicable, the requirement for a seven-calendar-day grievance period will be provided for. This will occur when applicants from Victoria Police or employees of Victorian Government Departments are applicants for the position. This is line with the Victorian Public Service Workplace Determination 2012.

The grievance period is initiated once all applicants have been advised of the outcome of the selection process, and are followed up with an email. This seven-day period provides the opportunity for those applicants to grieve against the process if they consider that there were deficiencies in the selection process that prevented their selection on merit. It does not enable them to grieve against the preferred candidate for the position.

If at any time during the recruitment process you have any concerns regarding the process or procedure please contact the VPS Recruitment team via email at

Following the successful completion of the grievance process, the preferred applicant is able to be officially offered the position. Prior to commencing with Victoria Police the successful applicant will be provided with an Offer of Employment outlining all employment conditions and relevant documentation.

Prior to your commencement date you will be contacted by your new work location to discuss your arrival.

Reviewed 25 June 2021

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