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We encourage former Victoria Police sub-officers to consider returning to the organisation, and being reappointed to Victoria Police is easier than you think.

If you do wish to apply, you must first register with the Police Registration and Services (PRS) BoardExternal Link .

The Police Registration and Services (PRS) Board

The PRS BoardExternal Link maintain the Police Profession Register for former police officers wanting to return to Victoria Police.

The Police Profession Register

The PRS Board maintain the Police Profession Register and will conduct an independent assessment of your:

  • character and reputation
  • capabilities
  • experience and qualifications from prior police service and other work.

It also conducts the independent review and appeal function for Victoria Police including:

  • promotion
  • transfers
  • disciplinary action.

Note that registration on the Police Profession Register does not guarantee your re-employment.

Find out more about the Register on the PRS Board websiteExternal Link .

The requirements of reappointment to Victoria Police as a sergeant or senior sergeant

The following information will assist in your journey to return to the organisation.

Who can and can't apply

You can apply to be re-employed with Victoria Police as a sergeant or senior sergeant if you:

  • are a former Victoria Police member who has resigned
  • meet the current entry requirements (such as fitness and medical) for recruitment.

Dismissed or terminated Victoria Police members cannot reapply.

How to apply to Police Registration and Services Board

First you must registerExternal Link .

Once registered, you can apply for re-employment with Victoria PoliceExternal Link .

Your application will be assessed and will determine if you are recommended for reappointment.

Learn more about the process and requirements on the Police Registration and Services Board websiteExternal Link .

What to expect once you apply to Victoria Police

Once registered with the PRSB, all applicants will be subject to a suitability assessment panel.

Applicants deemed suitable must meet the standard minimum requirements for appointment.

Those successful in applying for reappointment at sergeant and senior sergeant rank will be allocated a temporary position in the Melbourne CBD for 12 months.

Once retrained and requalified, they can apply for a permanent position at rank, anywhere across the organisation.

One extension of a further 12-months may be available if required to secure a permanent position.

The Reappointee Assessment Panel

Here’s what to expect in your Reappointee Assessment Panel interview.

Your panel interview

The Reappointee Assessment Panel is made up of representatives from:

  • Recruitment Services
  • North-West Metro Region
  • and the Transfer & Promotion Unit.

Reappointee Panel questions

The Reappointee Assessment Panel will ask you both behavioural and competency-based questions. These questions aim to:

  • assess your suitability for reappointment
  • and to determine what rank you may be offered.

The panel members will ask what you have been doing during your absence from Victoria Police.

You need to show you have gained skills that align with our capability framework.

If you are registered with the Police Registration and Services Board (PRSB)

If you left Victoria Police at any rank, you may be eligible to return as a sergeant or senior sergeant.

To do so, you must have gained relevant experience since leaving.

To be eligible to apply for reappointment as a sergeant or senior sergeant you must:

  • have previously been appointed as a police officer under the Victoria Police Act
  • have completed the initial probation period
  • had your former appointment confirmed as described in the Act
  • be registered with the Police Registration and Services Board (PRSB)
  • have been assessed by the PRSB as suitable for reappointment as a sergeant or senior sergeant.

How long the application process takes

A few factors affect the process length once you register with the Police Registration and Services Board (PRSB). These include:

  • your readiness to attend the various assessments
  • The availability of those services.

At this stage, it is expected that applications should be completed inside six months. Victoria Police aim to significantly reduce that timeframe in the future.

Number of available positions

During the first two years of this pilot program, there will be up to ten temporary reappointee positions available at any time.

Next steps if you are successful

The following stages will apply if you are successfully re-employed with Victoria Police.

  • You must take part in a skills-gap-analysis to identify if you need any extra training, or retraining. Different factors influence the level of training.

    These include:

    • how long you have been absent
    • whether you have worked in policing in the intervening period.

    Most of this training is online but some components may need face-to-face attendance.

    Some aspects, such as emergency management, may be conducted at the Victoria Police Academy.

  • There is a 12-month probation period which will initially be in a temporary operational position.

    This is to assist you in displaying your suitability for a permanent role, and provide an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and abilities you have gained in your absence. You are also required to meet certain requirements to confirm your reappointment.

    During this time, you must secure a permanent substantive position in the organisation. This is achieved through the merit-based transfer and promotion system.

    Probation extension

    You may apply for a 12-month extension of probation if required.

  • During probation you must apply for vacant positions through the merit-based transfer and promotion system.

    You will need to submit a Key Selection Criteria (KSC) Submission Form and if you are shortlisted you will be asked to attend an interview with a Selection Panel.

    Key Selection Criteria (KSC) Submission Form

    A KSC Submission covers many criteria.

    Applicant details

    The KSC Submission Form highlights your relevant work experience. This could include:

    • experience inside or outside of Victoria Police
    • or leadership and voluntary roles.

    The form is to inform Victoria Police of:

    • your qualifications
    • your education and professional development (including current study)
    • any commendations, awards, or achievements you have received.

    Suitability question

    The form will also ask you:

    “Having read the position profile, capability profile and position description, please outline why you are best suited to this role.”

    You will have a page for this answer. This is your chance to show that:

    • you know what is needed to succeed in this position
    • you have the transferable skills, capabilities, experience, and knowledge needed
    • your personal qualities and motivations show you are the most suitable person for the role.

    Other questions

    You will need to address three criteria as set out in the KSC Submission Form. There are different headings for each rank, based on the relevant capability profile.

    You will need to provide examples of your work which show your use of those capabilities.

    Shortlisted applicants and interviews

    Applicants are shortlisted based on their Key Selection Criteria (KSC) Submission Form. Shortlisted applicants will progress to an interview with a Selection Panel who will ask behavioural-based and scenario questions.

    Behavioural-based interview questions

    Two interview questions are based on two of the six capabilities in the rank specific capability profiles. These questions are based on behaviour.

    You will be asked for a real-life example of how you handled a specific type of work situation in the past. You must give an example that shows how you applied your skills and capabilities in practice.

    Scenario question

    A scenario question is related to a typical situation for the role or unit you have applied for. It often focuses on:

    • a technical policing issue
    • or supervisory issue
    • or another relevant workplace-related issue.

    Summary questions

    You will be asked if you have any questions for the selection panel or if there is anything you would like to raise.

    This allows you to highlight any skills or experience that you haven’t had the chance to discuss in the interview.

    How the Selection Panel determines success

    The Selection Panel will determine your success on whether you showed “superior efficiency” relative to the other applicants. If suitably demonstrated, you will be selected for the advertised role.

    The Selection Panel assesses all available information in a holistic way, including:

    • each shortlisted applicant’s written application
    • relevant experience
    • relevant qualifications
    • Register of Complaints, Serious Incidents and Discipline (ROCSID) report
    • reference check
    • and your performance at interview.

    Selections will be published in the next available Gazette.

    If your selection to a substantive position is appealed

    If you are successful in gaining a permanent position there is a possibility you may be subject to appeal against your selection by unsuccessful candidates.

    If an appeal against your selection by unsuccessful candidates is upheld in their favour this means you will need to keep applying for other permanent positions via advertised vacancies.

    If you do not secure a permanent position

    If you cannot obtain a permanent position during the probation period, there are three options:

    • apply for a 12-month extension of probation (only one extension may be granted)
    • apply for a reversion in rank and accept a permanent position as a senior constable (Eligible to apply for sergeant vacancies immediately)
    • termination of employment during probation.
  • Your initial temporary deployment will likely be to North-West Metro Region, Division One.

    Either Melbourne East or Melbourne West Police Station will likely be the location.

    These stations were chosen because:

    • they offer a variety of duties
    • there is a large peer network available
    • and the availability of resources to support the pilot program.
  • Your temporary posting will be as an operational sergeant or senior sergeant.

    Your duties will involve all aspects of:

    • station management
    • supervision of staff
    • and operational supervisor shifts.

    You will be allocated a list of on-the-job-tasks. These ensure that you experience an appropriate variety of duties.

    Completion of these tasks will be part of your probation and will be validated by your manager.

  • You will be provided with a mentor.

    Your mentor is there to guide you. They will initially accompany you on “shadow” shifts before leaving you to work independently.

  • If you were a sergeant or senior sergeant, and are reappointed at the same rank, your pay increment will reflect your years at that rank.

    If you are reappointed at a rank higher than that you held before, you will be designated at the first increment of the new rank.

    If you spent time working for an interstate police force, your experience at rank is recognised when deciding the increment.

  • You can apply for any position at the same rank you are reappointed to if you meet the eligibility requirements for that role.

    The eligibility criteria may differ across different commands, regions, and departments. It may include specific conditions such as:

    • holding (or subsequently obtaining) a National Security Clearance
    • being an Australian citizen
    • or holding (or subsequently obtaining) a specific qualification.

Further information about reappointment

Have more questions? For further information about the recruitment process, you can contact us directly.

You can email the Police Alternative Employment Unit on

You can also call them on (03) 8335 6100 during business hours.

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