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There are no current PCO Vacancies.

You can sign up for job alerts by registering via the Victorian Government Careers Centre and you will receive email alerts when vacancies become available in your preferred location. Choose ‘Police Custody Officer’ in the 'Preferred occupation' drop down box.

As part of the PCO recruitment process there is an assessment day that you are required to attend. Please ensure that you are aware of all assessment day requirements (including fitness testing and cognitive and job skills testing).
To ensure you are adequately prepared to pass each component please download the PCO Assessment Booklet

Concerned that your prior offence history may affect your application?

If you have any concerns that a prior offence or medical condition will affect your Police application, you can disclose details via the forms below and have it assessed prior to submitting your application.

Submit a Voluntary Disclosure Form if you are unsure whether or not your Police contacts, driving infringements and/or prior offence history make you eligible/not eligible to apply. Please list the details of the matters as you recall them.

A full check of all Victoria Police, interstate and associated agency databases will be undertaken.

Instructions for submitting your VDF: Your VDF must be submitted using a desktop computer or laptop. In order to successfully submit this document, please click on the link below and save this form to your desktop computer before completing your responses. Using the form you have downloaded, complete the required fields and select the submit button for the form to successfully be sent in for review. Please email the form back to

Concerned that a medical condition may affect your application?

If your question is not answered in the guidelines and you wish to check whether your particular medical condition will affect an application for Victoria Police, please complete the Preliminary Enquiry of Medical Condition form below and email it to the Victoria Police Medical Advisory Unit at:

Before applying we strongly recommend that you attend an information session that will give you valuable insight into the application process, and answer any extra questions that you may have.

Please make sure that you have checked that you meet the minimum requirements before applying and understand the recruitment process.

Reviewed 19 September 2019