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Police custody officers vacancies

View current vacancies for police custody officer roles at Victoria Police.

Current police custody officer vacancies

Victoria Police are looking for suitable applicants to join us as police custody officers.

We are now recruiting at 22 locations across Victoria.

We encourage you to submit your application through our recruitment portalExternal Link , and start your new career journey with Victoria Police.

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Before you apply

Pre-application forms

If you are concerned about your medical or offence history, you can submit enquiry forms prior to submitting your application.

Prior history

Your previous history will be checked and assessed during your application. Please read the Prior History Guidelines for more information.

If you have any prior convictions, cautions, diversions, good behaviour bonds or excessive driving offences, you may need to complete a Voluntary Disclosure FormExternal Link .

This form can be completed to determine if the prior offences will be detrimental to your application to join Victoria Police.

Please complete the form and email to

Medical conditions

If you are unsure and would like check if your medical history will affect your application, you can consult the medical guidelines:

If your question is not answered in the guidelines, you can complete a Preliminary Enquiry of Medical Condition form:

Email the form to the Victoria Police Medical Advisory Unit at

Reviewed 03 January 2024


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Contact the Victoria Police Recruitment Team, 8.00am-4.00pm (Monday - Friday)

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