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Protective Services Officers – about the role

Upon commencing duty at your designated Police Station, you will change into your uniform and sign out your equipment. You and your team will receive a shift briefing from your supervising Sergeant outlining operational safety considerations, local events and things or people to keep an eye out for. You will be transported to your designated railway station and your patrol will begin. You will always be on duty with a least one other PSO and will remain at that location until the last train has come through or if on a Night Network shift (Friday and Saturday night) the pre-determined end of shift time. All operational PSO shifts are 10 hours in duration.

Your on-shift duties will include monitoring of peak hour train services where you will maintain a visible presence and engage with the community. You will build and maintain rapport with commuters and the surrounding community to build trust in the safety of the station and public transport system. You will proactively patrol the train platform, car parks and surrounds; you will deal with anti-social behaviour, property damage, alcohol and transport related offences as they arise. You will be provided with facilities to compile paperwork, which is minimal. You will also be provided meal break facilities along with other amenities as required.

You will be transported back to your designated Police Station to return your operational equipment along with any paperwork you may have completed during the shift. The Transit Safety division confirms your rosters 4 weeks in advance and takes into consideration your leave requirements. You will also receive a minimum of 4 rest days in a fortnight including, where practicable, at least one weekend per month.

There have been some recent changes to the PSO role, which have resulted in an expansion of duties and role diversity.

Part-time - Applicants are now able to apply for the part time PSO position at the start of their application process.
If you are currently in the recruitment process and would like to update your application please contact Recruiting Services Branch.

Mobile train patrols – these shifts have commenced throughout CBD railways stations and in a limited way across suburban stations. In the future full mobile patrols will extend to suburban stations.

Major events – as required, PSOs may be rostered to cover major events in locations other than train stations across Melbourne. Major event duties might include ensuring a visible presence at transport hubs, tram super stops, commuting on trams/trains with event patrons or a mixture of these duties.

Day shifts – only account for approximately 2% of current PSO shifts; however, this will increase in the future.

The majority of PSO shifts will continue to support to the Victorian State Government commitment of being on platforms from 6 pm to the last train as well as the Night Network commitment each Friday and Saturday evenings.

However, it is expected that all PSOs will be able to perform a mix of various shift start times at various locations as per operational requirements. Examples of midweek shifts could include start times as early as 7am; Friday and Saturday shifts could start as early as 1pm; and supporting to major events such as the Australian Open would require both day and night shift coverage.

Victoria Police provides its employees with reasonable flexibility in working arrangements where operational and service delivery priorities allow, accommodating their personal circumstances. The Fair Work Act 2009 indicates that an employee, other than a casual, must complete 12 months continuous service with the employer immediately before making a request for flexible working arrangements, ie. part time.

As a Protective Services Officer, you will be a valued member of the Victoria Police team and we look forward to having you join our great organisation.

Reviewed 19 September 2019