Watch: Police officer role and unit videos

Whether it's by air, by road, on horseback, or in the van, no two days are the same at Victoria Police.

Watch how every day in the operational van can be different for general duties police officers, as well as get to know some of Victoria Police's specialist units.

General duties policing in focus

Every shift is different when you're a general duties police officer.

Get to know: General duties policing

Meet First Constables Ash and Chris and follow them around on a divisional van shift. A day on the van offers hundreds of possible jobs, challenges, and rewarding experiences.

Learn more about general duties police officers or watch what a day in the life can look like

Specialist areas in focus

Discover just some of the specialist areas that your journey with Victoria Police could take you. 

Get to know: Airwing

Learn how Air Wing Tactical Flight Officers provide statewide aerial support for Victoria Police operations, and use helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft, to keep Victorians safe. 

Read more about joining Airwing.

Get to know: the Heavy Vehicle Unit (HVU)

Watch how our Heavy Vehicle Unit (HVU) works to keep Victorian roads safe and can work anywhere in the state.

Read more about joining the Heavy Vehicle Unit.

Get to know: the Major Collision Investigation Unit (MCIU)

Understand how the work of Major Collision Investigation Unit (MCIU) is crucial in the investigation of motor vehicle collisions and incidents.

Read more about joining the Major Collision Unit.

Get to know: the Mounted Branch

Check out the Mounted Branch provide support for a range of policing responsibilities by horseback and by using the fundamentals of horse riding.

Read more about joining the Mounted Branch.

Get to know: the Remote Piloted Aircraft and Systems Unit (RPAS)

Watch how our Remote Piloted Aircraft and Systems Unit (RPAS) uses drones to support operational duties across the state.

Read more about joining the Remote Piloted Aircraft and Systems Unit.

Promotion through the ranks of Victoria Police

Further to general policing and specialist areas, you also have the option to seek promotion through the ranks.

We provide you with this training, support you in developing skills, and help you pursue your goals.