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Police – about the role

What does a General Duties Police Officer do?

General Duty Police Officers are rostered on day, afternoon or night shifts to respond to the needs of the Victorian community.

Duties are varied and you will come into contact with people from all walks of life, some of whom will display values and behaviours that contradict your own. However, as a Police Officer you are required to remain impartial. Some of the duties you will be required to undertake include:

  • prevent anti-social behaviour
  • deal with community safety concerns
  • resolve disputes
  • attend accidents
  • investigate crime
  • enforce traffic law
  • deal with drug and alcohol affected people
  • attend critical incidents and emergencies

You are required to submit paperwork on most incidents you attend, including keeping a running sheet which is an on-going diary of the duties you perform during each shift. You will also be required to prepare paperwork for court, attend hearings and give evidence.

While the role of a Police Officer is challenging, it is also rewarding. As a Police Officer you will make a difference to the Victorian community every day.

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Police – about the role

Reviewed 24 January 2020