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Gender equality

Learn about Victoria Police's commitment to the goal of achieving sustainable gender equality by 2030.

Victoria Police has committed to the goal of achieving sustainable gender equality by 2030.

Gender equality will create a better workplace for our people and help them meet the demands of contemporary policing and provide excellence in community service, particularly on the issue of gendered violence. 

Our approach has been informed by building on lessons learnt and progress made as a result of the VEOHRC reviews, as well as the Victorian Government Gender Equality Strategy Safe and Strong.

The Gender Equality Act 2020 creates legislative requirements for public reporting.  This means we will align our efforts with the requirements of the Act, which will ensure that we are guided by best practice and Victorian Government gender equality efforts.  

Equal, Safe and Strong – Victoria Police’s 10-year Gender Equality Strategy

To help achieve gender equality, Victoria Police has developed a 10-year strategy, Equal, Safe and Strong: Victoria Police Equality Strategy 2020-30, which outlines our plan to achieve gender equality by 2030. 

Equal, Safe and Strong demonstrates our organisational commitment to achieving sustainable gender equality within our workplace, for the benefit of our people and the community.  

Our vision

  • Victoria Police leads the way in sustainable gender equality.
  • All Victoria Police employees work in a safe and equal workplace, have access to equal power, resources and opportunities, and are treated with dignity, respect and fairness.
  • Victoria Police culture values a diverse workforce, reflective of gender representation in the community.
  • All Victoria Police employees recognise that gender equality benefits everyone and enhances police responses to the community, especially those who have experienced gendered violence.

Reviewed 23 June 2021


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