VicPol Corporate

Human Resources Department

The Human Resource Department (HRD) supports operational policing by selecting employees with the right skills, developing and ensuring their health, safety and wellbeing. It pays more than 17,000 employees a fortnight and negotiates and manages their working conditions. HRD works in partnership with other departments, regions and commands on its programs and service provision

Key priorities

Human Resource Department has a focus on supporting operational policing. The top priorities for the department are:

  • delivery of the right people into Victoria Police
  • keeping Victoria Police's more than 17,000 police and public service employees safe, ensuring no-one gets injured while at work
  • helping the organisation plan for its future people needs - this includes continually developing our people to ensure an increasingly skilled and flexible workforce

Human Resource Department structure

Human Resource Department has four divisions:

Office of the Group Director: manages governance and strategic functions and projects, workforce planning and executive employment.

Health, Safety and Deployment: has the primary role of delivering effective health, safety and deployment services across the organisation. It works in partnership with regions and commands to promote a culture of health, safety and wellbeing and is responsible for the recruitment and deployment of police, protective services officers and public servants, including general duties allocation and transfer and promotion.

HR Services: provides personnel and payroll services to over 17,000 Victoria Police employees across the state including superannuation, deductions, tax, salary disbursement, reporting and other legislative remittances. The division also reports and analyses people information data in line with human resource metrics, reports on trends, and publishes a range of statistical reporting monthly.

Workplace Relations: ensures that strategies, policies and processes are in place to enable Victoria Police to engage productively and positively with its workforce.

Reviewed 24 April 2019